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In a new initiative launched by Cleantech Scandinavia and Cleantech Group Nordic, cleantech start-up and growth companies in the region have be assessed – and 50 of them selected to be included on the list of 50 most promising cleantech companies from Nordic.

 At this first 2009 event, Aquaporin is proud to be amongst the 50 companies active in developing and promoting innovative environmental technologies within cleantech having fulfilled the three main criteria of:
  • innovation and uniqueness of technology
  • relevance to the market and market potential
  • execution potential


The list was officially announced on April 30th at the European Cleantech Forum in Copenhagen, at which occasion a new Nordic Cleantech 50 publication was also released.
This publication is available online, but more importantly will be distributed to the global cleantech community of investors, industrial actors and professionals with the purpose of highlighting the cleantech innovation environment in the Nordic region.
“We of course embrace the chance of branding Aquaporin even further in connection with our new status as one of the most promising in our field”, says CEO Peter Holme Jensen. “This will help strengthen our already well-established position on the market and open new investors’ eyes to the opportunity of participating in Aquaporin’s next investment round.”
Read more about the event and the organisation behind it at www.cleantechscandinavia.com


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