05 Dec 12 Million DKK grant from Innovation Fund Denmark

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In a new 12 million DKK project, Memento, granted by Innovation Fund Denmark, DTU Environment will be heading a development program addressing the growing demand for technology solutions that will increase energy and water efficiency in industrial production. The other project partners are the University of Copenhagen, Grundfos, Aquaporin and DHI as well as two international institutions, – the University of Maribor, Slovenia and Colorado School of Mines in the United States.

Under the scope of Memento, the syndicate must develop a new generation of existing biomimetic aquaporin membranes inspired by Nature, and moreover develop new biomimetic membranes with ion channels. Current aquaporin membranes must be tailored and tested for two types of energy generation; the purification and production of methane in waste water treatment and separation of industrial water flows by which pressure builds up, thereby producing power.

By harvesting energy from such water treatment plants, hence changing the plants from being huge energy consumers to green energy producers while ensuring clean water, the growing global demand for energy and water resources is one step closer to being met.

The project will run for four years.

About Innovation Fund Denmark
Innovation Fund Denmark invests in the development of new knowledge and technology creating growth and employment in Denmark. The Fund focuses on societal challenges, strengthens research and increases innovation commitment within private companies


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