In September 2018, Aquaporin launched Aquaporin Garage; an incubator for small start-ups located at Aquaporin’s headquarters in Lyngby, Denmark.

The initiative was born out of a desire to give something back to innovation and entrepreneurship, while also matching Aquaporin’s CSR values. In doing so, we strive to use our facilities, infrastructure and know-how in a more efficient way, which can be of benefit to both the start-up companies as well as within the Aquaporin Group. The idea is that the start-ups become integrated in the everyday life of the company, so that expertise and know-how can be shared on a more informal basis by the coffee machine, over lunch or at social events hosted by Aquaporin.

While start-ups must fund their own operating costs, Aquaporin offers two years of free rental space, which includes; office space, access to meeting rooms as well as access to some of our laboratory facilities.

Aquaporin currently have two start-ups – Allumen and Inniti – working within Aquaporin Garage and are aiming to welcome a third in 2019

Allumen is a startup company specializing in bioluminescent algae. When shaken, the algae emit a fascinating blue light in the dark. The energy is harvested from sunlight making the light natural and sustainable. Allumen sells educational kits and bio-art products containing millions of microscopic algae.

To learn more about Allumen visit: www.allumen.dk

Inniti develops modular IoT (Internet of Things) lab equipment for flow control. Our devices are integrated with a browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) that allow real-time control of experiments, logging of data, data visualization and sharing of results within the organization, through a cloud-based solution. With all these functionalities, our product enables chemical researchers to automate their experimental work in a matter of minutes, while providing a standard way to collect, process and share data.

To learn more about Inniti visit: www.inniti.dk

Further information:

If you would like to learn more about Aquaporin Garage, please contact Mads Friis Andersen mfr@aquaporin.com or Katrine Veis kve@aquaporin.com

Aquaporin A/S, Nymøllevej 78, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark. Website: www.aquaporin.com Phone: +4582303082


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