Aquaporin A/S Annual report 2019

Today Aquaporin A/S announced its Annual Report for 2019. The full report can be found on the company’s website.

Aquaporin is a global water technology company dedicated to revolutionizing water purification by merging biotechnological techniques and classical engineering. Using nature’s own water channels, Aquaporin has a strong product pipeline securing our long-term value creation. Significant commercial milestones achieved in 2019 are:

  • Global testing and piloting of Aquaporin Inside® products with customers in drinking water in both Point of Use (PoU) and Point of Entry (PoE) solutions
  • Established +20 pilot installations utilizing Aquaporin Inside® products with customers in industrial water, providing valuable data from among others; the textile, semiconductor, and food & beverage industries
  • Successful development of our technology in industrial water treatment into large scale production in our strategic commercial partnership with a major global system integrator and solution provider
  • Showcasing across a range of media, including the documentary 'Brave Blue World', the book 'The Age of Living Machines' by Susan Hockfield, former president of MIT, and at the Moderna Museum in Stockholm, Sweden

Through dedicated efforts of the organization, important milestones have been reached within operations and product development. These include:

  • Initiated largest pilot plant to date, located in Canada, in collaboration with Forward Water Technologies Inc.
  • Launched our smallest forward osmosis module to date, the HFFO 0.6, which is ideal for conducting lab-scale application testing prior to investing in larger systems
  • Named ‘Biotech of the week’ by Labiotech, the largest Biotech news website in Europe
  • Extended our contract with the European Space Agency through our subsidiary, Aquaporin Space Alliance, to develop a water recycling unit for space
  • Joined the SDG Accelerator program, hosted by Deloitte and the United Nations, to work more comprehensively with the SDGs

Access our annual report 2019 here

Goals for 2020

2020 has so far been marked by volatility, driven by the COVID-19 virus and related effects. We are proud to have recently raised additional financing from new shareholders despite the current business environment, and we remain committed to our goals for 2020:


On behalf of Aquaporin A/S

Niels Heering, Chairman

Peter Holme Jensen, CEO


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