How to apply Aquaporin Inside® Forward Osmosis membranes in your effluent treatment

By integrating a FO system that uses Aquaporin Inside® FO membranes in your effluent treatment, you can achieve Minimum or Zero Liquid Discharge and so meet wastewater treatment regulations – while also reducing costs and land use.

For effluent treatment plants with ZLD (Figure 2), the ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF) or reverse osmosis (RO) stages can be fully or partly replaced by an FO system (option 1-2). FO
can also be added after RO (option 3) to further reduce the volume sent to the evaporator and so reduce the energy requirements for evaporation.

Moreover, FO minimizes the volumes of difficult streams that need to be disposed of, reducing the waste load and transportation costs to waste management facilities. Additionally, due to its proven high rejection of compounds, FO can recover valuables from wastewater streams, such as dyes, salts, nutrients and metals, with minimal loss.

Figure: Schematic flow diagram of effluent treatment plant with Minimal or Zero Liquid Discharge, showing where forward osmosis can be utilized in the process (Option 1-3).


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