Behind the title “Blue, Green & Gold – The Future of Water, Finance & the Environment” lies a prestigious conference organised by The International Desalination Association & Global Water Intelligence in Zürich April 27th & 28th 2009.

The interesting sub-title of the event “Where Water meets Money” invites participants from all over the world to discuss and suggest solutions to the challenge of finding money for the water industry.

The conference also includes a celebration of the best of the best in water through the Global Water Awards 2009. And last but not least, Aquaporin is proud to be nominated for the special award of Water Technology Idol competing against 5 other companies in having its unique desalination technology named Water Technology of the Year.

As a consequence of its nomination Aquaporin’s CEO has been invited to the Global Water Awards Gala Dinner with participation of The Honourable Al Gore and several other significant industry players and experts in finance and economics.

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