Aquaporin expands its space activities by joining the partnership “Space Exploration Danmark”

Aquaporin has been exploring solutions for water reuse in space since 2013, and now we take yet another step forward by joining “Space Exploration Danmark”. It is a national partnership for Denmark's participation in manned and unmanned space exploration in the period 2020 – 2022. The partnership is joined by many different actors from universities over astronauts and researchers to privately held companies making this Denmark’s first interdisciplinary partnership around space exploration.

Aquaporin A/S has been heavily involved in developing solutions for space since the establishment of our joint venture ‘Aquaporin Space Alliance’ together with Danish Aerospace Company ApS in 2013. In space you need to reuse as much water as possible and our focus is finding the best solutions for that by using Aquaporin Inside® technology in space applications and space programs.

This is done in close collaboration with European and US-based entities. An example of the collaborative effort is the tests that the Danish ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen performed using our biomimetic water filtration membranes in order to turn wastewater into drinking water during his 10 day stay on the International Space Station (ISS). And recently, ESA extended the contract with ASA to develop a water recycling unit.

Thus, joining the partnership “Space Exploration Danmark” is a natural step to take to broaden and share our knowledge with other stakeholders and ensure Denmark plays an active role in both ESA’s and NASA’s programs.

“Space Exploration Danmark” brings space-experts together

Denmark has been active in space exploration for the past three decades, and although collaborations between researchers and companies in clusters such as space medicine and Mars research have been taking place, there is still great potential for further collaboration across disciplines and between companies and universities.

For that reason, “Space Exploration Danmark” has been founded. “Space Exploration Danmark” is Denmark’s first interdisciplinary partnership on space exploration, seeking to improve Denmark’s contributions to the international programs at space stations and missions to Mars and the Moon. There are currently 21 actors involved working for a common vision and mission:

DTU - Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen (KU), University of Aarhus (AU), Aalborg University (AAU), Maersk-Kinney Møller Institute at the University of Southern Denmark, Danish Industry (DI), Institute of Technology (TI), Ohmatex A/S, Danish Aerospace Company A/S, Aquaporin A/S, Terma A/S, GOMspace A/S, Space Inventor Aps, Haldor Topsøe A/S, The Board of Research and Education (SFU), ESA BIC DK, Center for Defense, Space & Security (Censec), Danish Society for Aerospace Research, Christian Dalsgaard, Andreas Mogensen.

The mission and the way to carry it out

“Space Exploration Danmark’s” mission is to create the best framework for researchers and companies by developing a strengthened space exploration environment in Denmark. The focus lies within five tracks:

  • Space Exploration
  • Science
  • The Arctic
  • Space related education
  • Satellite data

A total of 8 goals have been defined for the partnership. To reach these, the actors in the partnership will focus on new acknowledgments and knowledge sharing, dissemination and education, common idea development and consortium formation as well as advice and international cooperation.

The partnership will be announced at the Danish Space conference on January 22, 2020.

Read more about “Space Exploration Danmark” at the Ministry of Higher Education and Science's site here (the page is in Danish)

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