Aquaporin A/S and the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation (DNATF) releases today the news of a 45 mill DKK funding for the platform titled “Industrial Separation and Biosensing Processes inspired by Nature”. The overall budget is 90 mill DKK.

Together with industrial market leading companies DSS A/S, Arla Foods amba, Dupont and world-class academic partners from the Danish universities in Copenhagen, Lyngby and Aalborg, Aquaporin join forces in a platform which will strengthen the company’s position as world leading within the field of biomimetic membranes.Aquaporin’s CSO, Claus Hélix-Nielsen will be heading the project and is very pleased with the opportunities this brings, – It is our vision to utilise the 100% sustainable separation and biosensing techniques developed by Nature, in an industrial context. The platform will explore, and demonstrate the potential of these superior techniques for industrial scale biomimetic separation and sensor applications.The platform will accelerate Aquaporin’s development projects for a large variety of applications – e.g. waste water volume reduction, peptide concentration, fertigator production and in the longer perspective biorefinery and drug screening.

Arla Foods is the perfect example of an industrial case utilising Aquaporin Inside™ membranes. The platform will be looking at how to reduce the level of small organic molecules in dairy waste water. – By using the technology on dairy process water streams, the load on our water cleaning units will decrease significantly, says Thorfinn Thordarson, Senior Project Manager of Arla Foods amba. Aquaporin Inside™ membranes will not only improve the quality of water extracted but also reduce the cost of extracting water.

For Peter Holme Jensen, CEO of Aquaporin, the approval of the project comes at a very opportune time as the company is heading towards industrial production of its first generation of Aquaporin Inside™. “We see Aquaporin as a potential Novozymes within water, as our product holds so much commercial potential. Our long-term goal is to become the global commercial market leader in the field of biomimetics; nothing less. The recognition from DNATF will bring new brains and manpower on board our internal team of experts and we will benefit significantly from the very professional and experienced project partners over the coming years of the collaboration. We really look forward to exploring the separation and biosensing path together.”


For further information: CEO Peter Holme Jensen, Aquaporin A/S, phone +45 82 30 30 82.


About Aquaporin A/S
Aquaporin is a Danish cleantech company dedicated to revolutionising water purification by means of industrial biotech techniques and thinking. The company has developed the unique and proprietary Aquaporin Inside™ membrane technology for purification of water, by use of nature’s own method. The target is to develop, produce and commercialize Aquaporin Inside™ membranes for industrial water treatment purposes and desalination of seawater. Aquaporin is a company in the M. Goldschmidt Holding group.

About the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation
The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation offers private companies and universities the funds and the framework for developing new and important technologies. The overall aim of the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation is (DNATF) is to strengthen growth and employment in the Danish society. This is done by investing in and thus providing risk capital for advanced technology projects and platforms in order that cutting-edge initiatives are carried out with results that create value for the participating parties and Denmark.


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