Water pollution is a serious problem in Malaysia and impacts negatively on the sustainability of water resources. Total water availability is reduced considerably as the cost of treating polluted waters is too high and, in some cases, polluted waters are not treatable for consumption – leading to a 40% national average loss of water.

At the same time, the Malaysian government aims to have 99% of the population served by clean and treated water by 2020. New & innovative technologies – such as the Aquaporin Inside® technology – are needed to bridge the gap and will now be readily available in Malaysia as Ness Plus (a wholly owned subsidiary of Darco Water Technologies Ltd.) & Aquaporin today announces a business partnership for the distribution of revolutionary products containing the Aquaporin Inside® technology.

Mark Perry, Vice President of Business Development & Sales in Aquaporin Asia comments: “For Malaysia, the Aquaporin Inside® forward osmosis technology can be a gamechanger. Traditional wastewater treatment technologies for challenging industrial wastewater come at high OPEX & CAPEX cost and are often involve labor intensive operation. Hence reliable and cost-effective technologies are highly sought after, which is where Aquaporin Inside® enters the picture.

Mr. Thye Kim Meng, CEO of the Group, said: “We are excited to commence our commercial collaboration with Aquaporin. The collaboration builds upon a previously announced successful joint development project and is in line with our dedication to be an integrated environmental solutions provider. The combination of Aquaporin Inside® forward osmosis distribution rights – initially for Malaysia and Singapore – and Darco’s knowhow in building & operating FO systems means the Group is ideally poised to capture market shares in the growing market for FO-based solutions.

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