With the Aquaporin Inside® technology, Aquaporin is “Biotech of the week” at Labiotech. The unique technology is appreciated for its combination of classic membranes and modern biotechnology. The Aquaporin membranes uses nature’s own water channels; the aquaporin protein for the most effective and natural way for water treatment.

CEO of Aquaporin, Peter Holme Jensen is quoted: “We produce this membrane protein in an industrial fermentation process and use it as an intelligent building block in a new generation of water membranes. By doing this, we stand on the shoulders of 3.8 billion years of evolution in water treatment.

Labiotech assess that improved water purification techniques will help to cut the costs of purifying water for industrial and human consumption. This could also help to reduce the greenhouse gases that are emitted from the energy-intensive water purification processes.

In addition, better water purification is also instrumental in addressing global problems with water scarcity. This is because communities could use recycled wastewater instead of placing more pressure on water supply systems.

Aquaporin’s approach of mimicking nature reflects the water purification industry’s desire for incorporating new concepts into traditional techniques.

The wastewater treatment industry is growing by around 5% each year, driven by a rising demand for clean water across the growing world population.

Amongst the big companies dominating the market for traditional water purification, such as GE Water and Aqua Tech International, Aquaporin is one of a range of companies using biotechnology to change the way we purify water.

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