A solution for world oceans without micro-pollutants and micro-plastics is being tested.

Aquaporin A/S is partner in the EU project, BONUS CLEANWATER. The partnership aims for reducing the input of micro-polluntans and micro-plastics from wastewater led into the Baltic Sea. The key to success is exploring, developing and comparing innovative eco-technology approaches. The Aquaporin Inside® Technology is now tested in pilot scale at Avedøre. A final solution is not limited to the Baltic Sea, world oceans can benefit too.

The Aquaporin Inside® Forward Osmosis membranes are highly selective to micro-pollutants. The goal is to develop a full process to concentrate municipal wastewater effluent and produce a micro-pollutants-free effluent.

To achieve this, Aquaporin is heading a pilot-project at the BIOFOS Wastewater Treatment Plant in Avedøre. At the plant, Aquaporin has built a pilot system to demonstrate the membrane performance on site.

Project manager in Aquaporin, Sylvie Braekevelt elaborates on the first year of the project period: “During the first year, the Aquaporin Inside® modules have shown excellent rejection of micropollutants and a minimum of 92% in our lab. Moreover, the water quality was found to be stable even at different and challenging conditions that can appear in large scale filtration plants.”

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