The Indian Patent Office has recently announced the granting of Indian Patent No. 258338 titled “Biomimetic water membrane comprising aquaporins used in the production of salinity power”.

The patent granted January 1, 2014 is Aquaporin’s first in India and opens up a world of opportunities on a huge market in need of environmentally feasible solutions to the energy scarcity problems primarily caused by industrialisation and the increase in population.

The Aquaporin Inside™ membrane technology covered by the granted patent offers a solution to the existing challenges of providing efficient membranes for the salinity power process.

“Aquaporin is also pursuing the use of our membrane technology to solve the water scarcity challenges in India”, says Steen Ulrik Madsen, VP of Business Development. “India represents the ideal market for our Aquaporin Inside™ technology. We are currently in dialogue with several Indian companies on the lookout for technologies that will accommodate India’s need for clean water.”

For more information on the patent and the technology or if you wish to discuss the possibility of obtaining a licensing agreement to the invention, please contact VP of Business Development Steen Ulrik Madsen at +45 2710 2051 or Head of IP Department Marianne Spanget Larsen at +45 2710 2077.

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