Aquaporin Inside® CLEAR membranes reduce energy use by 30 % in municipal wastewater treatment

Water demand is growing across the globe. The demand is driven by high population growth, industrialization, and rapid urbanization. And it increases the need for diversified, sustainable, and reliable water resources. As a result, many municipalities are ramping up efforts to reclaim municipal secondary effluents for industrial – or even potable – reuse. But this is not easy. Quality requirements for recycled water are strict to ensure the water is safe and consistent. In addition, the ongoing drive to make every drop count and minimize liquid discharge means solutions must be highly reliable.

An often-used solution for improving recovery rates and water quality is the reverse osmosis (RO) technology. However, it is a very energy-intensive process. As such, municipalities using RO are always looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency and productivity of the process with the purpose of protecting reclamation plants against energy price surges and sudden hikes in water demand.

We designed our Aquaporin Inside® CLEAR membranes to tackle these new municipal water management challenges.

In the recent pilot study conducted with a municipality in Asia, our membranes have demonstrated their advantages as detailed below:

  • Reduced energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • Lower pressure drop across the membrane unit 
  • Stable performance and energy use
  • Ensuring high-quality permeate which meets strict local requirements for potable tap water
Published on June 2022 in