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The aim of Aquaporin Garage is to give something back to innovation and entrepreneurship in order to match our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). To do so, we strive to use our facilities, infrastructure and know-how in a more efficient way, which can be of benefit to both the startup companies, as well as within the Aquaporin Group. With this, the idea is that the startups will be part of everyday life at Aquaporin, so that expertise and know-how can be shared on an informal basis by the coffee machine or over lunch. Startups are offered two years free rental with office space, access to meeting rooms and restricted access to laboratory facilities - however, startups must fund all operating costs themselves.


Inniti develops modular IoT lab equipment for flow control. Our devices are integrated with a browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) that allow real-time control of experiments, logging of data, data visualization and sharing of results within the organization, through a cloud-based solution. With all these functionalities, our product enables chemical researchers to automate their experimental work in a matter of minutes, while providing a standard way to collect, process and share data.

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