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Create great tasting natural concentrates, without heat or pressure

Make products that your consumers will love with concentrates that taste as good as your fresh ingredients. Natural Concentration Technology uses nature’s own water filtration process to extract water from raw ingredients. There’s no heat or high pressure – just less energy, higher yields and a better tasting concentrate.

A new world of possibilities

Welcome to a whole new world of possibilities – where your natural concentrates has the exact same taste and qualities of your fresh orginal products. 

With great-tasting natural concentrates, you can create food & beverage products with a natural flavor that consumers will love. This opens the door for original concepts, formats and product lines – all based on your key ingredients. And, as you expand your product portfolio, you can open new sales channels that reach beyond your current customer base.

This is new world with the Aquaporin Inside® Natural Concentration Technology.

A natural process 

Today’s consumers are increasingly health-conscious and environmentally-aware – and they have high expectations of their food and drink. They want natural products, made with healthy and nutrient-rich ingredients. You can give them this with Natural Concentration Technology.

A new process being developed by Aquaporin, Natural Concentration Technology harnesses nature’s own water filtration process to extract water from raw ingredients, without high heat or pressure. As a natural and gentle process, it preserves the raw ingredients’ natural nutrients, giving you a concentrate that’s full of healthy goodness.

Bursting with natural flavors

With natural concentrates, everything tastes better than it did before. The aromas are fuller, the flavors more pronounced and each taste more distinct and nuanced. This is because the gentle concentration process retains the full range of vital flavor compounds – giving you a better tasting concentrate, naturally.

Concentrate any food or beverage

Fruits and berries, dairy products, juice, tea, coffee, coconut products and alcohol – nearly any food or beverage could be naturally concentrated with Aquaporin Inside®.

The possibilities are endless. High-quality natural concentrates open a new world of great-tasting convenience for consumers, with novel on-the-go and at-home products that taste just like the real thing. And, because the natural flavors and aromas are retained, you need fewer flavor enhancers, giving you a purer, healthier and better tasting end product.

Discover examples of food & beverage products that have benefitted from Aquaporin Natural Concentration Technology in our case collection.
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Webinar recording: Achieve high-fold aromas and ingredients with natural flavour and qualities intact using our Natural Concentration Technology

Concentrating natural food products and ingredients is challenging, with loss of aromas and nutrients, altered flavour profile, or lower qualities. The new Aquaporin Inside® Natural Concentration Technology could be the solution to your challenges. The ability to operate down to 4⁰C and use the unique Aquaporin Inside® membranes gives producers new opportunities to deliver high-quality high-concentration products.

Watch webinar recording and get insights into how Natural Concentration Technology works, and how you can keep high and even retention of aromas and nutrients from natural ingredients
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