Aquaporin Inside Hollow Fiber Forward Osmosis Modules

Hollow fiber forward osmosis modules

An innovative water filter technology, 3.8 billion years in the making. Our Aquaporin Inside® hollow fiber forward osmosis biomimetic membranes use natural aquaporins to improve water reuse and concentration processes, with low back diffusion and using only osmotic pressure.
Waste minimiation (ZLD)
(thermo-sensitive concentration)
Resource recovery
Water reuse

Available module sizes



Suitable for industrial installations
Fiber ID 0.2 mm
13.8 m2 membrane area
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Suitable for application development and pilot trials
Fiber ID 0.2 mm
2.3 m2  membrane area
HFFO2 Downloadable assets

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Forward osmosis - the most frequently asked questions

Forward osmosis is increasingly being used in a range of water treatment applications, from food and beverage production to heavy industry. Here are answers to a few common questions about the process.

How HFFO membrane works

Aquaporin Inside® forward osmosis is a gentle process that transports water across a semi-permeable biomimetic membrane covered in a thin layer of aquaporins. As natural water filters, the aquaporins act like a super-highway, letting water pass through, while rejecting contaminants. Our membranes are highly selective, making them ideal for the production of concentrates such as coffee, fruit juice and dyes, as well as for difficult wastewater and zero or minimal liquid discharge applications.

Aquaporin Inside

All of our products contain aquaporins, the proteins responsible for transporting and purifying water in all living cells. Billions of years of evolution have made aquaporins super-efficient and super-selective, far better than any man-made water filter.

By incorporating aquaporins into our biomimetic membranes, we enable you to tailor-clean water faster and more energy-efficiently than ever before.

Recycle more water with forward osmosis

When recycling industrial wastewater, your ability to remove contaminants from the permeate is essential for the quality of the recycled water. And Forward Osmosis (FO) is an excellent method for separating water from dissolved solutes. By using natural osmotic pressure as the driving force, a forward osmosis system transports water through a filtration membrane while retaining all other compounds in the feed stream. An osmotic pressure gradient across the semipermeable membrane delivers the driving force to facilitate water transport from the feed solution (low osmotic pressure) to the draw solution (high osmotic pressure).
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A more sustainable approach to industrial wastewater management

Industrial wastewater management faces pressing problems such as water scarcity, pollution and insufficient water reuse. Around the world governments, industries and consumers are pushing for greener solutions that limit the use of water in industrial applications and processes. From textiles to pharmaceuticals and heavy industry, our Aquaporin Inside® membranes are simple and cost-efficient way to streamline your water recovery processes and step up your industrial water reuse.

Whatever your industrial wastewater challenge, our technology and expertise can help you improve water recovery rates, simplify your effluent treatment – and lower your CAPEX (capital expenses) and OPEX (operating expenses).

Test your application
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Want to test our membrane in your application before you commit? No problem. You can use our lab for your proof-of-principle studies – for faster, cheaper and more reliable forward osmosis evaluation.
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Benefits of forward osmosis

Reduce your water use
Very high rejection rates significantly increase permeate water quality - for a more sustainable reuse of water and lower disposal costs. 
Treat challenging waste streams
High efficiency enables you to handle higher levels of COD (chemical oxygen demand) and TDS (total dissolved solids) than other technologies on the market. 
Enjoy low installation costs
Easily retrofit our membranes on existing effluent treatment processes to streamline your industrial wastewater treatment with lower CAPEX compared to other technologies.
Minimize maintenance and downtime
Shutting down for maintenance due to fouling and scaling is a constant challenge for industrial wastewater management. Reduced fouling means less cleaning and fewer interruptions in your industrial wastewater treatment.
Step up your capacity with smaller footprint
With land prices at a premium, having to devote more space for your wastewater treatment process can be a costly proposition. High flux rates enable you to process more industrial wastewater, without increasing your physical footprint.
Turn your waste into profit
Capture precious materials in your wastewater - such as nutrients, metals or Glauber's salt (sodium sulfate decahydrate) from textile production - for recycling or reuse.
Meet industry requirements - and your own environmental targets
Stringent regulation on the use and reuse of water in industries is a growing trend. With our forward osmosis membranes in your industrial effluent treatment, you can minimize the steps needed to fulfill internal and external requirements.

Where are hollow fiber forward osmosis membranes used?

Naturally pure or with a touch of yeast – how do you like your water? From brewing to microelectronics, our Aquaporin Inside® water filter membranes are improving water re-use in a wide range of industries and applications. Here are some of the great things our customers are doing with our membranes.
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Semiconductor wastewater

Semiconductor wastewaters are inherently difficult to treat. They are usually characterized by strong color, high COD, high levels of VOC and heavy precious metals. Conventionally, chemical coagulation and biological treatment are used to treat wastewater before discharge. Diminishing freshwater supplies and growing concerns on the environmental impact from industrial wastewater discharges have propelled Zero Liquid […]

The need for better dye concentration

The dye manufacturing industry will benefit from adopting new technologies to address strong global demands for higher quality dyes and deal with the ever-increasing stringent wastewater discharge regulations. Forward osmosis is a novel technology that can potentially be the solution to meet this challenge. A decade ago, nano-filtration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) replaced conventional […]

Leachate treatment

Landfill leachate condensate concentration using Aquaporin Inside® hollow fiber FO Landfill leachate production is a persistent global environmental pollution issue that is difficult to solve. This is due to its’ inherent high pollution load and varying composition depending on the ‘waste age’. Regardless of the method used, treatment is usually expensive. When left untreated, leachate […]

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Of course, there are many variables when it comes to industrial wastewater management, so it will only serve as a guideline.

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