Aquaporin and Girls' Day in Science

In today's society, many girls opt-out of education and career in science and technology. A tendency that unfortunately has consequences for society. Only a third of all students in the STEM programs are women. This tendency creates gender distortion. STEM is based, on the idea of educating students in the four disciplines; science, technology, engineering and mathematics, in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. The labor market demands STEM competencies. If more women sign up for the job, the problem of labor shortages within STEM will be less in the future.
We need more female researchers who can help make important decisions about research and technological development.


This year we had the pleasure to participate in the virtual Girls' Day in Science 2020. An event hosted by The House of Natural Sciences focusing on inspiring young women and girls towards a future in science and technology. At Aquaporin, we have a long history of education. The first student started in Aquaporin back in 2007 when the company was only two years old and ever since a steady flow of students have gotten their internships, master-, bachelor- or PhD. Degree in collaboration with the company. Earlier this year, we celebrated our student number 100 in our academy program. So, when we get the chance to teach future students about science and how we work to improve water quality, we are happy to do our part.

We want to support a future where both women and men work together equally side by side. We want to help guide women to find the path towards a future in science and open their eyes to the opportunities that women, as well as men, also have in science. Science is for everyone - regardless of gender. It is essential to show girls of any age that there are no restrictions. We want to introduce women to opportunities rather than limitations and inspire them to take a step towards education and a job in science. Precisely for this reason, it was a pleasure to participate in the national campaign day where young girls in 7th - 10th grade and high school, are introduced, to a future within science and technology.

For this year's Girls' Day in Science, our two female role models and experts Salud and Erica introduced the girls to what it means to be a woman in the world of science and the paths they have taken for a job in science - see short movie:


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