Business-critical improvements to dialysis machine design
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The current status of hemodialysis and the desired future

With populations aging and water scarcity an increasing global problem, healthcare providers are looking for dialysis treatment options that reduce water use and can be performed at home.

The answer is a new generation of water treatment solutions that can reduce water use during in-center treatment by 75%, while paving the way for smaller and lighter portable home dialysis machines.

Watch the movie with Marianne Rix, Head of Hemodialysis Department at the University Hospital of Copenhagen to learn how the healthcare sector is requiring new options for the dialysis machines. 
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In center treatment

in center

Why water conservation is business-critical in dialysis machine design

Could a change in dialysis machine design save enough water each year to supply a city the size of San Francisco? How much more attractive would those dialysis machines be to hospitals and healthcare services in a world where fresh water is a scarce commodity? .
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in center

How to reduce water consumption in dialysis machine design

Water treatment systems using forward osmosis are already drastically reducing water consumption in a range of applications. Doing the same in hemodialysis could significantly increase the sustainability of this essential treatment.
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in center

Make your in-center dialysis machines futureproof 

Dialysis centers need to reduce water consumption while continuing to provide life-critical treatment for dialysis patients. The solution is to add an Aquaporin Inside® Forward Osmosis module to existing in-center dialysis machines. The resulting green solution will meet the sustainability requirements demanded by hospitals, governments and the public.
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Home dialysis

home dialysis

Increasing life quality for dialysis patients with portable machines

Smaller and more efficient, a new generation of water purification membranes could help make home dialysis more accessible and appealing to millions of patients worldwide through easy-to-use portable machines.
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home dialysis

Creating portable hemodialysis machines to drive uptake of home treatment

Decision-makers are pushing for more dialysis patients to be treated at home, but uptake among patients remains low. A simplification of water treatment could pave the way to portable home dialysis machines – which could vastly improve patient life quality and uptake.
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home dialysis

Make home hemodialysis possible using Aquaporin Inside® modules 

To improve life quality for hemodialysis patients, home dialysis treatment needs to be enhanced and uptake increased. This requires lowering the technical barriers to home treatment. Aquaporin Inside® Forward Osmosis modules are part of the solution. By adding them to your home hemodialysis machines, you can reduce equipment size and complexity, while also delivering a greener solution that significantly reduces water use.
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