Improving hemodialysis treatment using Aquaporin Inside® technology

Meet Pernille, 23 years old chemical engineering student from the The Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

At the moment she is working on a project aiming to reduce the amount of water used for hemodialysis treatment as well as increasing the patients quality of life and survival rate. For Pernille, it is a continuation of the project she worked during her internship last year.

Here is what Pernille thinks about her project and working together with Aquaporin:

"Hemodialysis is a treatment for patients who suffer from kidney dis-function. As a patient in need of hemodialysis treatment, you need to go to the hospital 3-4 times a week for hemodialysis treatment, which can last up to 3-4 hours per treatment. Each hemodialysis treatment uses up to 120 liter of ultra pure water, which is about 25,000 liter of ultra pure water a year per patient. The mortality rate of the chronic dialysis patients is about 20% per year. Some patients have been known to live 30-40 years with chronic dialysis treatment. Through more intensive and longer hemodialysis treatments a better survival rate can be obtained.

In this project I will be looking at two solutions for the overall problems with hemodialysis treatment at the moment. One solution would be to improve the already existing hemodialysis machines by designing a build-in process, which would be able to reduce the amount of ultra pure water used in the treatment by recycling it. Another solution would be to create a whole new smaller kind of hemodialysis machine which the patients can take with them on holiday for treatment or for home treatment, which at the moment is very expensive and uncommon.”


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