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Industrial Water

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Industrial Applications

Water scarcity and a lack of water reuse are pressing problems. Around the world governments, industries and consumers are pushing for greener solutions that limit the use of water in industrial applications. From textiles to pharmaceuticals and heavy industry, our Aquaporin Inside membranes are simple and cost efficient way to streamline your water recovery processes and step up your water reuse. 

Whatever your wastewater challenge, our membranes and expertise can help you improve water recovery rates, reduce wastewater - and lower your CAPEX (capital expenses) and OPEX (operating expenses). 
Reduce your water use
Very high rejection rates significantly increase permeate water quality - for a more sustainable reuse of water and lower disposal costs. 
Treat challenging waste streams
High efficiency enables you to handle higher levels of COD (chemical oxygen demand) and TDS (total dissolved solids) than other technologies on the market. 
Minimize maintenance and downtime
Reduced fouling means less cleaning and fewer interruptions in your treatment.
Step up your capacity with smaller footprint
High flux rates enable you to process more water, without increasing your footprint.
Turn your waste into profit
Capture precious materials in your wastewater - such as nutrients or metals - for recycling or reuse.
Meet industry requirements - and your own environmental targets
Stringent regulation on the use and reuse of water in industries is a growing trend. With our Forward Osmosis membranes in your effluent treatment, you can minimize the steps needed to fulfill internal and external requirements.
Enjoy low installation costs
Easily retrofit our membranes on existing processes to streamline your water treatment with lower CAPEX compared to other technologies.


Today, the textile industry accounts for around 20% of all global industrial water contamination. Together, we can bring that number down.
Our Aquaporin Inside® Forward Osmosis membranes enable process intensification to minimize the steps needed to achieve treatment and reuse goals in the textile industry. We’re working with customers to develop more sustainable methods of dealing with textile wastewater streams – giving them a tangible way to improve their sustainability performance and connect with today’s sustainability-focused consumers.
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medical devices

Business critical improvements to dialysis machine design. 
With populations aging and water scarcity an increasing global problem, healthcare providers are looking for dialysis treatment options that reduce water use and can be performed at home.
The answer is a new generation of water treatment solutions that can reduce water use during in-center treatment by 75%, while paving the way for smaller and lighter portable home dialysis machines.
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Re-using water has long been a challenge for space explorers – and the multi-filtration beds currently used are heavy and need to be frequently replaced. We set up ASA (Aquaporin Space Alliance) with the Danish Aerospace Company in 2013 to overcome this challenge. Our Aquaporin Inside® technology is currently being tested on the International Space Station, with very promising results.
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Achieving zero liquid discharge
with forward osmosis

Many believe that forward osmosis is the only viable way to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge. Aquaporin Inside® Forward Osmosis membranes are a key part of making this possible.

Extremely thin and selective, Aquaporin Inside® Forward Osmosis membranes enable good water flux even at low pressure. They also reject more compounds than any other membrane on the market – achieving recovered water of high quality. As a result, you can reduce operational costs by maintaining high production capacity while running at lower pressures. And, the lowest reverse salt flux on the market benefits the overall process costs and extends process lifetime. 

  • High selectivity enables treatment of even the most difficult process water
  • Lower fouling reduces production stops and costs related to cleaning
  • Minimal reverse flux ensures a clean concentrate, without additional treatment
  • Small membrane size reduces plant footprint
  • Lack of heat or hydraulic pressure results in naturally produced concentrates
  • Lack of chemicals results in a greener process

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