Aquaporin Inside®

A drop of nature

The world’s most efficient water 
filtration technology

Aquaporin Inside® is the technology that drives all our products. Put simply, it’s a biomimetic membrane that incorporates aquaporin proteins to filter water faster and more energy-efficiently than ever before.

Flat sheet, hollow fiber, reverse osmosis and forward osmosis. All our membranes use Aquaporin Inside® to purify and clean water, and they are revolutionizing water treatment – in industries, homes and even in space.

Natural process

High water recovery

Energy saving

High flow rates

The power of nature

Aquaporin Inside® technology incorporates aquaporin proteins to replicate nature’s own water filtration process. Specialist water channels, aquaporin proteins exist in the membrane of all living cells. They can be found in every living organism, from plants and animals to human beings, and are essential to all life on Earth.

Placed within the cell membrane, aquaporin proteins transport water – and only water – in and out of the cell. Billions of years of evolution have made them extremely efficient and highly selective, like a superhighway for water. They are far better than any manmade water filter. One square meter of synthetic manmade membrane can filter around 50 liters of water per hour. One gram of aquaporins can filter 700 liters per second.

We incorporate this natural technology into all our products to enable fast, energy-efficient and natural water filtration in a wide range of applications, from industrial effluent treatment to food & beverage concentration and in-home water purification.
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How it works

In simple terms, traditional synthetic water filtration membranes are dense polymeric sheets containing tiny holes. These holes are micron-to-nanometer size and only allow very small particles to pass through. In contrast, Aquaporin Inside® membranes harness nature’s tremendous capability for selective molecule transport. The membranes mimic the outside of a cell, with aquaporin proteins in a stabilizing membrane layer. Thanks to their specialized natural architecture, these aquaporin proteins allow only water to pass through. This makes them faster and more selective than traditional synthetic water filtration membranes.

Aquaporin Inside® membranes are commercially available as flat sheet or hollow fiber, for both forward osmosis (FO) and reverse osmosis (RO) applications.
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Did you know…?

Aquaporin proteins were discovered by Professor Peter Agre in 1992. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work in 2003.

Put Aquaporin Inside® 
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Industrial water

From textiles to heavy industry, Aquaporin Inside® membranes are a simple way to streamline your water recovery processes, reduce your energy use and disposal costs, and step up your water reuse.
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Drinking water

High-quality and great tasting drinking water, with high flow rates and even higher consumer likeability. How refreshing.
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Dialysis treatment

Aquaporin Inside® membranes enable new solutions that can reduce water use during in-center treatment by 75 %, while also paving the way for smaller and more portable home dialysis machines.
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Food & Beverage

Today’s consumers are increasingly health-conscious and environmentally-aware – and they have high expectations of their food and drink. They want natural products, made with healthy and nutrient-rich ingredients. You can give them this with Aquaporin Natural Concentration Technology.
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Space exploration

Highly efficient and exceptionally light, our water filtration technology developed with NASA could help realize longer distance space travel.
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Reasons to use Aquaporin Inside®

High water recovery
Very high rejection rates significantly increase permeate water quality from even the most difficult process water. This leads to greater reuse of water within industrial processes, less pollution and lower disposal costs.

Natural process
Aquaporin Inside® technology mimics nature’s own water purification process – often without high heat or high pressure. The result is great tasting drinking water, as well as food & beverage concentrations that retain more of the original ingredient’s natural nutrients, flavors and aromas.
Energy efficient
Due to the exceptional efficiency of aquaporin proteins, less pressure is required to drive water across the membrane. This reduces energy requirements in both forward and reverse osmosis applications.

Very high flow rates
The exceptional efficiency of aquaporin proteins enables very high flow rates. This results in faster and more efficient water filtration, whatever the application. 
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Did you know…?

In the human kidney, aquaporins reabsorb around 150-200 liters of water from primary urine each day.
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