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Aquaporin launches its first water purifier ZERO in Denmark – ZERO is available at imerco.dk

We are proud to announce that our first home water purifier ZERO - powered by Aquaporin Inside® is now available to buy at imerco.dk.

ZERO is an under-the-sink home water purifier designed to give clean drinking water directly from the tap. ZERO is the most efficient and compact reverse osmosis water filtration system to go under the sink. It provides 3 liters of water per minute. And it does so without the need of electricity, which means it has no pump/control unit and no need for external storage tank.


ZERO is powered by Aquaporin Inside®. Our technology that uses nature's own aquaporins, the proteins that have transported and filtered water in all living cells for billions of years. When tap water is filtered through the Aquaporin Inside® membrane in ZERO, all bacteria, viruses and pesticides are filtered out naturally - providing tasty drinking water directly from the tap.


ZERO is sold to users via Premium Resellers globally, and we are pleased that our first reseller in Denmark is Imerco. Currently ZERO is also available in Turkey via Nordic Foreign Trade Limited and in India via Resource Earth.

More information

If you are interested in learning more about ZERO click here. And if you are interested in buying a ZERO at imerco.dk click here.

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