Aquaporin goes to Stockholm to watch technology turn into art at 'Moderna Museet'

At Aquaporin we have a deep interest in bringing art, science and technology together, and a great example of this is the presence of our first pilot production machine at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. And now we are bringing all our employees to the museum to experience how technology can turn into art.

In 2016, Aquaporin's vast interest in bringing art, science and technology resulted in the establishment of Primer in collaboration with the research studio Diakron. Primer is a platform that works to experimentally renew relations between artistic, scientific, technological and business practices, while seeking to explore histories, imaginaries and operations of emergent technological systems.

Primer succeeded in featuring Aquaporin’s first pilot machine at Moderna Museet in Stockholm in their current group show called “Mud Muses – A Rant About Technology”. The pilot machine was originally used for producing our membranes and now, with the right setting with the right lightning, it has been turned into a work of art. We are very excited about the new use of our pilot machine and want to share the experience with all Aquaporin employees. Therefore, we are all headed to Stockholm on December 6 to visit the museum.

About the exhibition at Moderna Museet

The exhibition “Mud Muses – A Rant About Technology” highlights relationships between art and technology and features artists and artist groups who manipulate and play with (gender)codes, flip subjectivities, hook up with other intelligences and short circuit the promises of technology. Read more about the exhibition here.

About Primer

Primer was founded in 2016, as a collaboration between the research studio Diakron and Aquaporin. By bringing together specialists from disparate disciplines of science, humanities, technology development and arts, Primer seeks to explore histories, imaginaries and operations of emergent technological systems.

Primers activities consists of open-ended long-term collaborations with artists, thematic exhibition projects, public private partnerships in collaboration with Aquaporin, workshops and events, collaborations with external partners and network activities. Follow Primer on Facebook here.

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