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Why Olga needs a water purifier in Denmark

Olga Kenessova lives in Roskilde, Denmark, with her husband and their son. After having been on the market for a compact purifier to go under the sink for years, the family was happy to install the water purifier ZERO powered by Aquaporin Inside® last year.

According to herself, Olga’s kitchen is quite small, why she wouldn’t be able to get a purifier if it took up any of the counter space she uses for cooking, nor an under the sink purifier if it was as big as the market standard is.

In only 10 minutes, Olga’s husband installed the ZERO under their kitchen sink.

“Basically, the installation of ZERO is plug and play,” Olga explains.

For the couple, the complete solution Aquaporin offers is a convenient choice.

“The box not only contains a purifier, but also a faucet and the filters you need. As an end user, this frees you from all the headaches,” Olga says.


After the purifier was installed, Olga performed an experiment on her 10-year-old son. She took two identical glasses, filled one up with ordinary tap water and one with purified tap water.

“He definitely preferred the purified water. I asked him why, and he indicated it was softer,” Olga says.

ZERO removes limescale which is what makes water hard, allowing only soft water to run out of Olga's faucet.

Her son is not the only one Olga has performed the experiment on. In fact, she has asked no less than 15 of her guests the same question.

“What water do you prefer, I ask them, and everybody chooses the purified water,” Olga says.

The purified water serves many purposes in Olga’s home besides being drinking water. For one thing, Olga uses it when she makes hot beverages to enhance the flavor of the tea and coffee and to keep her kettle clean.

“When we got the purifier, I decided to change our kettle, because it was so full of limescale. In the new kettle, I have only used purified water, and the kettle is still completely clean – like a new one,” she explains.

Olga's 10-year-old son enjoys a glass of water filtered by the family's water purifier, ZERO.


Olga highlights the serenity you have when you trust the quality of your water. For good reasons, the water in Denmark is not chlorinated. However, this also means that in unlucky situations, bacteria, pesticides and viruses flow in the water as has been the case several times in different parts of Denmark.

“Last year, we had a week or so in Roskilde where it was not recommended to drink the tap water due to a bacteria outbreak. Back then, we didn’t have a ZERO, but now we are on the safe side simply because Aquaporin’s technology is the ultimate way of cleaning water,” Olga says.

Olga and her family use the water purifier every day, especially since her husband got a taste for water. Olga knows the exact reason why.

“Previously, my husband didn’t feel the need to drink water, but now he is getting addicted to it. With ZERO, the quality of your water is improved, and it gives you a certain level of comfort that you cannot go back from,” she explains.

Olga Kenessova is a former employee at Aquaporin.


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