This year has seen another good year with further expansion of the Aquaporin IP portfolio of issued patents and utility models covering our proprietary technology which strengthen our unique platform.

In South Korea, utility model certificate No. 20-0477157 was registered May 6, 2015 covering our Aquaporin Inside™ hollow fiber modules. This is the second utility model covering the Aquaporin Inside™ hollow fiber modules.

– There is a huge interest from the market in our proprietary hollow fiber modules, says VP of Business Development, Thomas Christian Beck. – The application potential for the product is enormous and it’s good to learn that the technology is now also acknowledged by the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

Further, the Japanese Patent Office has granted patent No. 5690821 relating to liquid membrane systems having the potentials for extracting pure water by forward osmosis. The patent was published in the Japanese Patent Gazette on March, 25 2015. The same invention was granted Singaporean patent No. 176832 in May 2015.

Also, the former joint research collaboration between Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (SMTC) under the NEWRI institute of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, DHI Singapore, and Aquaporin A/S has seen the first issued patent, the Singaporean patent No. 11201400825X granted. The patent relating to a thin film composite membrane having aquaporin water channels incorporated is jointly owned by Nanyang Technological University and Aquaporin A/S.

Finally, on September 7, 2015, the Danish Patent and Trademark Office granted a patent on a novel synthetic process for the preparation of certain block copolymers. Also covered are special aquaporin containing vesicles based on such block copolymers.

– We are happy to have this Danish patent granted, comments VP of Intellectual Property, Marianne Spanget Larsen. – Presently, we are pursuing the invention internationally, i.a. through a PCT application, which gives us the possibility of obtaining patents in up to around 150 countries worldwide.

For more information on the patents and the technologies or if you wish to discuss the possibility of obtaining a licensing agreement to our technology, please contact VP of Business Development Thomas Christian Beck at +45 2710 2051 or VP of Intellectual Property, Marianne Spanget Larsen at +45 2710 2077.

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