Drinking water

How do you get people to choose tap water over bottled water?

We have gathered some people in Denmark to find out.

In Denmark we have some of the best drinking water in the world, readily available almost everywhere, but we still consume 100,000,000 bottles of water every year – more than 3 bottles per second. How can that be?

According to the World Health Organization, taste and perception influence how likely you are to accept your home drinking water, but what do the citizens of Denmark believe? We gathered a group of people to ask them about their “water behavior” and to get their reactions on a few facts on bottled water.

The video clearly shows that they are taken by surprise when we present the different facts such as the annual consumption of bottled water in Denmark and the high percentage of bottled water that contain micro-plastics across the world. So why do we consume that many bottles of water in Denmark when we are blessed with high quality tap water? As someone in the video puts it: “we have so good tap water in Denmark, so why buy it”? And if we take a look at the rest of Europe; 35% of Europeans (50 million households) do not drink their tap water, and the use of bottled water has grown by more than 10% a year over the last decade.

So, what can we do about it? How can we increase the likeability of drinking water from the tap and reduce CO₂ emissions and plastic waste?

The answers we received pointed towards creating more awareness of the situation and providing suggestions for possible solutions.

At Aquaporin we are happy to play a part in increasing the general awareness of the influence that the large consumption of bottled water has on the environment as well as providing solutions for increasing the likability for tap water.

Aquaporin takes responsibility for a greener planet. With innovative water technologies, we enable people to get clean drinking water straight from the tap.
With the Aquaporin Inside® technology using Nature’s way for water treatment, we will help stop the global transport of bottled water and reduce plastic waste, as well as avoid plastic particles in our body. We are the only membrane producer using nature’s own water filters to purify drinking water.

The result?
Great tasting tap water that is healthy, refreshing and purified, just as nature intended.

Facts on drinking water in Denmark
Danes can drink water straight from the tap. This is because Denmark has some of the world's best drinking water.

Groundwater suitable for production of drinking water can be extracted from almost everywhere in Denmark; the result is drinking water which is clean and tasty. (source: Danish EPA. https://eng.mst.dk/nature-water/water-at-home/)

The drinking water undergoes strict daily quality controls, so you can be sure it is perfectly safe to drink without the need to add chlorine or other chemicals.

Tap water in Denmark is, in general, some of the most environmentally friendly in the world and much cheaper than bottled water from a supermarket.

The City of Copenhagen has set up more than 60 drinking fountains all over the capital in an attempt to reduce CO2 emissions caused by the production of bottled water. Locals and tourists alike can enjoy the fresh, high quality tap water for free all year round.


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