The REWAISE project: Collaboration and innovation in Spain

At Aquaporin, we focus on providing the best service and experience when we collaborate with a partner. Therefore, Aquaporin also spends time visiting ongoing projects. This approach to business sent Aquaporin employees Jan Benecke, Head of Commercial Engineering Reverse Osmosis, and Hanh Le, Membrane Applications Engineer, from Lyngby, Denmark, to two waterworks in Berja and Denia, Spain. During their one-week visit to Spain, the two Aquaporin employees looked closely at two unique projects.

In Berja, Aquaporin is part of the REWAISE project managed by Aqualia. Jan Benecke and Hanh Le are among the many people working on the Aquaporin Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis membranes we are developing and optimizing to help remove critical contaminants. The Aqualia-managed project in Denia also uses the BWRO elements, which help treat well and surface water for municipal drinking water use.

In a written statement, Aqualia highlights how they want to improve the well-being of the people and how that is achieved by working with a company like Aquaporin.

“Aqualia, a water management company specializing in integral water cycle, has partnered with Aquaporin to work on this research project, following the central idea that sustainable development plays an inherent role in our activities, looking for continuous improvement and innovative solutions. The commitment and responsibility with the municipalities in which Aqualia carries out its activity are not limited only to the provision of the service but go further: it always seeks to contribute to improving the well-being of people and, especially, of the most vulnerable groups.”

The REWAISE project is an EU-funded project that aims for a carbon-neutral water cycle. The project addresses technological, financial, legal, and social issues, focusing on three key ideas: Value in water, value from water, and value through water. You can find more information about the project here.  

Hanh Le and Jan Benecke during their visit in Spain.

Teamwork makes a difference

Being part of the REWAISE project allows different companies and municipalities to work together. Aquaporin being a part of the projects in Berja and Denia allows the company to work closely with local authorities and a well-renowned company that is used to treat water at waterworks.

“We assisted and provided technical assistance to make the water treatment more sustainable, energy-efficient, and optimized with our biomimetic membranes. The close collaboration with Aqualia and the local municipalities provides us with great feedback so that we can come up with the best possible solutions.”

Jan Benecke, Head of Commercial Engineering Reverse Osmosis, Aquaporin

The collaboration with Aqualia within the REWAISE project provides Aquaporin with a direct insight into market requirements and know-how of the water market provided by an experienced global player. This intelligence is crucial for developing our products to have the highest impact possible. We highly value the work with Aqualia and are encouraged by the first results that we can provide our partner with a unique and competitive product based on the Aquaporin Inside® technology that will further their reach and success in the water market.

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