Aquaporin Inside® Tap Water Reverse Osmosis membrane products

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Reach the highest flow of water seen in reverse osmosis membranes with the Aquaporin Inside® technology.

A new feature added to conventional technology

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a proven technology widely applied in many water treatment processes. The Aquaporin Group has taken a step further by adding Nature’s own water channels – aquaporin proteins – in the membranes.

Aquaporin water channels only allow water (H₂O) to pass through the channel. The presence of these water channels in our membrane material is accelerating the flow of pure water through the membrane and is the reason why you will experience a much better performance of RO membrane with Aquaporin Inside®

Need more information about our TWRO elements?

Natural purification of your water with AQUAPORIN INSIDE®

Aquaporin Inside® Tap Water Reverse Osmosis (TWRO) membrane radically improves purification of tap water. With 50% higher water permeability compared to conventional high-end brands, it is possible to purify your water much faster which increase the convenience and joy of clenching you thirst.

The Aquaporin Inside® TWRO technology ensures safe, high-quality potable water while representing a sustainable solution to residential and commercial water treatment. The high flow of permeate water enables you to maintain high production capacity while running with lower pressure, reduce the number of membrane elements to meet your desired production rate, and reach your preferred level of water recovery for a more sustainable production of healthy drinking water.

Aquaporin Inside® Tap Water Reverse Osmosis elements are sold globally and in standard configuration from 1812 up to 8040 elements, making it easy for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to use in their systems.


Aquaporin Inside® TWRO1812-175 elements produce 175 GPD (28 L/h) of permeate water at low operating pressure (60 psi) under standard test conditions. This makes it ideal for natural and convenient water purification and satisfies the demand for a high flow of water in direct-flow and tankless household water purification systems.

Key features:

  • Ideal for direct-flow water purification systems due to the high flow of permeate water at a low-pressure level
  • Use only one RO element to achieve same permeate volume of two to three conventional 1812 RO elements
  • Suitable for greener water purification with high water recovery


Aquaporin Inside® TWRO3012-600 element produces 600 GPD (95 L/h) of permeate at a low operating pressure (80 psi). This is optimal for commercial water treatment in hotels, restaurants & cafés with high capacity demand or tank-less water purifiers.

Key features:

  • Increase overall systems capacity by changing just one component
  • Ideal for tankless water purifiers without compromising on speed and volume of permeate water
  • Offer a more sustainable product with lower environmental footprint


Aquaporin Inside® TWRO4040 element produces 2700 GPD (425 L/h) of permeate at a low operating pressure (100 psi). Specifically, tailor-made for treatment of tap water in industrial scale where you do not want to compromise on production volume or energy consumption.

Key features:

  • Increase production of clean water without rethinking the entire system
  • Reduce costs in designing phase by using a smaller pump

Need more information about our TWRO elements?


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