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A quest for Mars

To create aerospace’s future water filtration system, Aquaporin founded Aquaporin Space Alliance in 2013 in collaboration with Danish Aerospace Company. 

Since then, tests of our prototype have been sponsored by ESA and conducted by the Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen on the International Space Station.

On the Huginn mission, which launched in August 2023, Andreas Mogensen tested the system again, this time on a broader scale. The ultimate purpose of the water filtration system is to help realize space missions to Mars by bringing down the quantity and thereby costs of transporting goods – including water – into space.

Water at The Final Frontier

Aquaporin’s commitment to space exploration started in 2007 when the Advanced Water Recycling Group at NASA’s Ames Research Center was presented to the revolutionizing Aquaporin solution, which enables astronauts to filter water in space through Aquaporin Inside® protein filters. 

Since then, our team of scientists has further developed the technology, which was first used on the Iriss mission to the international space station (ISS). In 2023, Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen conducted tests on a larger scale to secure drinking water for the astronauts in an environment where access to water is indeed a luxury.

From urine to water

Aquaporin’s commitment to space development aims to create the future of water filtration on space stations. Humans cannot survive without water. The technology developed by Aquaporin enables astronauts to purify sweat, condensation, and urine into drinking water, thereby enabling extended space journeys, potentially to Mars.

Extending the scope for water filtration in space breeds new technology which can be used on Earth in extreme conditions, ultimately resulting in more people getting access to secure, clean water.

For all mankind

Denmark is one of the leading nations to export water technology. Not only in space, but equally on Earth, where Aquaporin works with clients and partners all over the world and openly shares innovation to help ensure responsible treatment of industrial wastewater, naturally concentrated food and beverage products, and high drinking water quality and accessibility. 

With the support of major space organizations like NASA, ESA, and The Danish Aerospace Company, Aquaporin is able to improve and push the boundaries of what membrane technology is capable of.

Potential business areas
for Aquaporin Inside®
membranes in space

  • Drinking water in space suits, space capsules, and space stations
  • Clean technical water for specific use:
    • Cooling of space suits
    • Cooling of spacecraft systems
    • Water for humidity control
    • Batteries and other applications
    • Water purification of local sources on celestial bodies
“Aquaporin is an example of technology being used in space that also supports the green transition on Earth.”
Peter Holme Jensen
Chief Innovation Officer & Founder

The Aquaporin
Space Alliance team

Should you have questions in relation to our Space Alliance partnerships and projects, you can at any time reach out to our Space Alliance team members.
Peter Holme Jensen
Karolina Jastrembska
Ingrid Helgeland

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