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When you become an Aquaporin Partner, you will experience the synergy of something greater.

As a company, we are on a global mission to help safeguard the Earth's water resources. Our innovative membrane technology and products, inspired by nature, allow us to collaborate with you in making a positive impact on water management and behavior in municipal, industrial, and residential settings.

Join us and become the sum of something greater.

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The value of being
an Aquaporin Partner

  • Becoming part of a global brand universe
  • Work with one of the most efficient technologies in removing contaminants
  • A wide product portfolio for residential and industrial elements & purifiers
  • Strong core technology based on biology, chemistry and physics
  • Use our three N's in your storytelling: Nature, Nobel, and NASA
  • Access to premium marketing material via Partner portal
  • Danish technology and brand with international vision

Differentiate yourself
for the greater good

At Aquaporin, we believe partnerships swing both ways. This is why we are fully committed to supporting our partners. Knowing your success is our success. When we engage in new partnerships, we give our partners proper onboarding and ongoing support to ensure a great experience when collaborating.

We are in this together

As an Aquaporin Partner, we ensure you have the material and support you need to successfully resell our products. You will have direct access to our sales, marketing, and product teams, and our Partner Portal where all marketing- and product-related material are available at your convenience.

Be the solution

The water crisis is one of the greatest issues facing the world today. As a company, Aquaporin is deeply engaged in helping to solve the Earth’s water problems by rethinking membrane biotechnology. It is, however, a task we cannot solely undertake ourselves, which is why we believe that as partners we will stand stronger to be part of the solution. This is why we invite you to watch our company movie to understand why a partnership of this kind matters.

Be part of something bigger

Add a premium product to your portfolio

Aquaporin Inside® is a unique technology based on a Nobel Prize-awarded discovery of nature’s own water-leading aquaporin proteins, ensuring you a high-quality product. Our technology is patented, and no other company is allowed to incorporate this type of natural biotechnology in their products.

A local supplier with a global impact

Together, we will build a global and unique brand that will benefit you, your customers, your local environment, and the planet at the same time.

Extended technical support & sparring

Our team of technical experts is with you all the way when you are in need of support and sparring, or if you have an idea.

Returning customers through recurring filter sales

With our exclusive network of partners selling Aquaporin Inside® products on a global scale, you are secured the aftersales of filter replacements.

Be part of a successful journey

Aquaporin is on an exciting quest to revolutionize the water purification market with our nature-inspired water treatment technology. It is our mission to make consumers like and care about their water. As partner, we invite you to be part of the water revolution and create significant change in consumer patterns.

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