The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.

Rooted in nature

Aquaporin is rooted in the very same nature that sustainability initiatives worldwide aim to protect.

As a biotechnology company, nature is woven into our DNA, guiding our progress. Sustainability is a widely used term, so here is what it means to us:

  • Enhancing access to clean drinking water by developing solutions for more responsible water consumption
  • Lowering energy consumption in water treatment
  • Making plastic-bottled water redundant
  • Minimizing the carbon footprint of transporting liquid food and beverages

Achieving sustainability requires a collective effort. Therefore, we actively seek partnerships and collaborations across the globe to increase our impact.

One example is our partnership with Earthy in India. Together we enhance access to clean drinking water by installing hundreds of water purifiers in sports schools, hostels, and stadiums throughout Karnataka State.

In Singapore, our partnership with PUB is another example of the power of collaboration. Here, a pilot project is reducing the energy use in municipal wastewater treatment by up to 30%.

Looking inward

E is for Environmental

Based on the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) framework, we work with and report on our sustainability targets. We seek to approach ESG holistically and continue looking for new areas to improve. For instance, we are exploring how to minimize our membranes' environmental impact from fabrication to final product.

We mainly focus on responsible energy usage within environmental initiatives, as we recognize it has the highest potential to reduce our climate impact. From 2019-2023, we have achieved a:

  • 24% reduction in scope 1 emissions
  • 75% renewable energy share
  • 58% reduction in electricity consumption

In 2023, we signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the electricity supplier Reel to secure investment in – and direct electricity purchase from – a newly constructed solar park on Djursland in Denmark, expected to commence operations in Q4, 2024. The result is a projected 28% reduction in our emissions from electricity and an assurance that we contribute as much renewable electricity to the grid as we consume.

In 2024, our focus extends to exploring investments in a wind park to ensure renewable electricity coverage across weather conditions. This will mark another step towards our ultimate goal – achieving 24/7 Carbon-free Energy (CFE), where 100% of our electricity consumption is matched with carbon-free energy production.

S is for Social

Within social initiatives, our primary focus is diversity. We are powered by our people, and we believe in the power of diversity.

Therefore, we are proud to have achieved a workforce that consists of:

  • 20+ different nationalities
  • Communicating in 20+ different languages

We aspire to provide equal opportunities, and we focus on respecting differences. To live up to this, and to ensure a workforce that is also gender diverse, we have set up the following targets:

  • Increase the female gender of our workforce to 45% by 2027
  • Increase the female gender on our Board of Directors to 33% by 2027
  • Increase the female gender in our Management to 33% by 2027

We are committed to working towards achieving and maintaining gender balance until the day it becomes an inherent part of our organization. In pursuit of this, we have taken measures to promote equal employment opportunities including refining our hiring processes, conducting half-yearly performance reviews, offering leadership development courses, and establishing a Young Professionals Program.

G is for Governance

We follow corporate governance principles to ensure transparency and accountability, in line with the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance’s recommendations. Our governing body includes a non-executive Board of Directors and an Executive Management team, each with defined responsibilities and independence.

If you discover an illegal or unethical conduct, please report it to us through your usual communication channels or our Whistleblower Portal.

Aquaporin & The SDGs

A decade prior to the introduction of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015, our technology was developed to help address some of the targets captured in SDG 6 of improving the availability and sustainable management of water.

Read more about Aquaporin's approach to sustainability, including our ESG and SDG focus and commitment, in our annual report here:

Aquaporin’s technology contributes to:

Improving access to clean drinking water and thus addressing problems with waterborne diseases.

Contributing to the sustainable management of water.

Reducing marine pollution by making plastic-bottled drinking water redundant, improving desalination methods, and reducing wastewater volumes.

Focusing on knowledge sharing and public-private partnerships, also in developing countries.

Got an enquiry?

You are welcome to contact our ESG Responsible if you have any enquiries or suggestions for enhancing our ESG efforts. Your input is highly valued.
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Chief Financial Officer
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