Sustainability at Aquaporin

Protecting the world’s water

We’re here to make a difference. Our goal is clean, natural drinking water for all – a basic human right – and the sustainable reuse of water in industrial applications. We strive for technological and societal development; but we know it must be achieved sustainably.

A commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals

The UN has set the Sustainable Development Goals to address the most pressing challenges facing the world today. We support these goals in our work, and have highlighted four goals where we can make tangible contributions through our products and technology.
Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

SDG 6 

We are dedicated to the better use of water. Our Aquaporin Inside® membranes purify water more effectively than traditional membranes – improving water use, management and availability for industrial customers and people everywhere.
Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

SDG 12

We empower our industrial customers to treat and reuse water with maximum efficiency and minimum waste.
Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

SDG 14

Our work with water treatment improves the lives of people around the world and contributes to protecting the planet’s ecosystems, especially marine life.
Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

SDG 17

Our multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaborations span geographies and professional fields, with the overall goal of sustainable water use and re-use.

Accelerating change in the textile industry

In 2019, we joined the SDG Accelerator Program to work more comprehensively with the Sustainable Development Goals, build new partnerships and alliances, and develop new solutions for today’s challenges.

During the program, we chose to focus on the textile industry. Why? According to UN estimates, the global fashion industry is responsible for a staggering 20 per cent of total wastewater discharge globally. Our project focused on finding a solution.
Find out how we did it
“Our technology has been developed and proven by working with an open innovation mindset for more than a decade. In close collaboration with governments, research institutions, system integrators, end-users and even the world of art, we are striving to solve the world’s long-term water crisis through partnerships.”

Peter Holme Jensen, CEO

In support of the UN Global Compact

Companies play a crucial part in enforcing human rights and building a more sustainable world. We want be part of that movement. By signing the UN Global Compact, we commit to following the Compact’s universal principles on human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption – and agree to take actions to advance those principles.

Our workplace

We’re all in this together

All of us at Aquaporin play a crucial part in the realization of our vision. We’re a team, and everyone has a role. We aim to be a flexible workplace with a good work-life balance, where we can all thrive, develop and grow. We regularly conduct surveys to better understand how Aquaporin can become an even better place to work – and we believe together we’re making progress

Diversity, innovation and the art of being open-minded

We firmly believe that a diverse workforce is a competitive advantage. Close collaboration in joint ventures and international projects leads to a natural diversity in our work. But we want to do more. We actively strive for diversity to enhance our innovation, increase our ability to work cross-culturally and to gain a better understanding of the communities in which we operate.

When hiring, we focus on finding the right candidate for the job regardless of gender, nationality, age, sexuality, religious belief or cultural background. The result is a diverse team with over 20 different nationalities.

Operating on green energy

We have shifted to green energy and are now operating on 100% CO2 neutral, renewable energy, generated from wind turbines.

The decision to move from black to green energy fits perfectly with our CO2 emission ambitions and sustainability profile. With this initiative we take part in strengthen the green adoption and minimizing the negative environmental footprint.

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