Aquaporin A/S holds a unique and strong IP position in the field of biomimetic membrane materials. The patent protection includes immobilization of functional aquaporin water channels, incorporation of the aquaporin water channels into vesicles, integration of immobilized aquaporin water channels and vesicles incorporating aquaporins water channels in a thin film composite (TFC) layer, modification of flat sheet support membranes or hollow fiber support membranes with a TFC layer incorporating the aquaporin water channels, preparation of modules comprising the flat sheet membranes or hollow fiber membranes, and various applications of these membranes or membrane modules.

The patent protection in the United States of America as well as the provisionally protection provided by patent applications is established in the following granted US patents and pending applications: US7857978 (B2), US8123948 (B2), US2015360183 (A1), US9278316 (B2), US2014332468 (A1), US10011692, US2016016127 (A1), US20170065762(A1), US16076402, WO2018141985, WO18087289 A1, and WO2018153978 (A1).

Aquaporin Inside® and our logo are established trademarks registered in the EU and the USA as well as being registered or pending in other important markets.