Art x Science

Art is our fourth dimension

Art emerges as our fourth dimension, fostering open minds, powering innovation, and fueling curiosity, questions, and creativity.

It inspires, challenges, and sparks reflection, creating conversations that help us understand and address societal needs.

In its disruptive essence, art offers a distinct perspective from science, and our integration of art into the workplace seeks to bring these worlds closer.

Now, our art initiative is transitioning into a new era, extending beyond our exclusive collaboration with Primer to opening our doors to the global artistic community.

Primer x Aquaporin

Born from our open innovation spirit, Primer is a close collaboration between Aquaporin and Diakron, a platform and studio for transdisciplinary research and practice. Primer exemplifies how we work to bridge art and science and empowers both artistic and organizational development.

Primer has united science, humanities, technology development, and visual art to explore histories, installations, imaginaries, and the aesthetic dimensions of emergent technological systems.

Over the years, Primer has cultivated long-term collaborations with artists, thematic exhibition projects, public-private partnerships, and much more.

View the 2017 - 2023 projects here

Karl Troels Sandegård x Aquaporin

In close collaboration with the international art center Copenhagen Contemporary and Jane Withers Studio, London, Aquaporin commissioned Danish artist Karl Troels Sandegård for the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition in Copenhagen in 2022.

His work, “The High Seas of Your Intrinsic Ocean”, delved into the mysterious nature of water, exploring its fourth state, the jelly-like plasma that is created when water is absorbed by a human or plant body, and the idea of water containing an echo of the past.

The exhibition was staged in- and outside in four different locations around the Greater Copenhagen area: Copenhagen Contemporary, IWA World Water Congress at Bella Center, Confederation of Danish Industry, and Aquaporin headquarters in Kongens Lyngby.

Art on your mind

We are curious about art, and we continually seek to expand our horizons. Welcoming artists into our wonderfully weird world of science and technology, we view collaborations as equal partnerships for mutual growth.

We seek art and other creative collaborations that consist of long-term dialogues with open-ended effects, forms, and 100% creative freedom.

We offer artists a space to develop their practices and exhibit without compromising their originality, integrity, and autonomy. Furthermore, we invite artists into our community of bright artistic minds.

For artists with compelling projects eager to unfold in the interface between art and science, we extend an open invitation.

Artx Science

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