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What defines the people that work at Aquaporin? What does our colleagues think about being part of Aquaporin? What brought them here? And why would they recommend you to join the journey? Watch the video to find out.

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We are always on the lookout for curious and passionate people eager to make a difference and help us safeguard the world's most valuable resource: water.


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Our values

We are here to make a difference and are proud of what we do. We believe in the power of diversity and approach every challenge with an open mind. We have a pioneering spirit and value inclusive collaborations between departments, cultures, people, and companies.

We strive for technological development, and we know it must be environmentally and financially sustainable.

The power of people

We are a diverse and dynamic international team of biologists, chemists, engineers, and other creative thinkers. We speak many languages and have a broad range of skills – and we all care about water and our planet.

We have a lean and agile organization where every team member plays a vital role. We want to attract, train and retain the best person for every position. So, we cast the net wide, entrust our people to do their jobs, and give everyone the chance to grow and develop their skills.

Aquaporin presents

Applications Specialist

Rose Fassihi

“The reward is very big because you’re part of making a difference,” says our Applications Specialist Rose Fassihi. Join the journey and help us make a difference by safeguarding the world’s most valuable resource: water.
Global Account Manager

Adarsh Raj

“I am passionate about providing solutions which help us to reach that future global circularity, sustainability, and teaching everyone that we have a responsibility to the world that we live in,” says our Global Account Manager Adarsh Raj. Join the journey and take responsibility together with us.
Applications Specialist

Ingrid Helgeland

“You get this feeling that everyone is motivated and working towards the same goal,” says our Applications Specialist Ingrid Helgeland. Join the journey – become part of our inclusive team and help us reach our goal of a more sustainable future in water treatment.
Protein Development

Scott Myers

“The fact that we’re actually working on a product that will help everybody in the future is fantastic,” says Scott Myers from Protein Development. Join the journey – help our international team in their continuous development of our pioneering technology.

24 languages

We speak 24 different languages

21 nationalities

We employ 21 different nationalities

16 % hold a PhD

16 % of our employees hold a PhD

Learn from some of our bright minds

Thought leadership

Save groundwater and start drinking wastewater

You can turn wastewater straight into drinking water instead of taking a detour through nature. That seems like a bold statement for the average person, but in reality, it is something a lot of professionals are looking into already. By Jörg Vogel, VP of Open Innovation Whenever we are drinking water, we almost instantly think […]
Food & Beverage

There’s science behind flavors

When you take a bite of a fruit, the flavors you experience stem from the fruit’s own natural flavor recipe. Science has made it possible for humans to copy nature’s recipes and control flavor profiles in any desired direction; peely, mature, fresh, you name it. In fact, science has enabled us to understand and replicate […]
Drinking water

The future is a consistently great taste

A sip of water can taste a million different ways, but in the future, every drop of water can taste equally good, and the flavor of your soft drink, beer, or the like can remain homogenous regardless of what country you are in. It seems like a farfetched dream, but it is a reality much […]
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Aquaporin Garage

An incubator for small startups, Aquaporin Garage is where smart ideas come to grow. Participating companies get two years of free office rental at our headquarters in Lyngby and access to our state-of-the-art laboratories, while we get the chance to spark and share ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs.
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Aquaporin Academy

At Aquaporin Academy, students get the chance to complete their studies in an exciting and innovative workplace, working on business-related projects with other students and professionals. If you would like to work with the world’s leading water treatment technology, Aquaporin Academy is the place for you to be.
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