Water and wastewater 
treatment technology
The highly efficient water treatment technology, Reverse Osmosis, still has room to improve. Boosted by the Aquaporin Inside® technology, our CLEAR membrane series helps you reduce your energy consumption and optimize your CAPEX and OPEX. 

For an insight into a more responsible water purification technology – read on.


A more sustainable approach to
water purification and wastewater recycling

Commercial and municipal water management face pressing problems such as water scarcity, pollution, insufficient reuse, and high energy consumption. Global surges in prices have urged industries and municipalities to look for more energy-efficient solutions. With the Aquaporin Inside® technology embedded, our CLEAR membranes deliver best-in-class flow rates, great rejection of contaminants, and low-energy consumption solutions to reverse osmosis system users.
Case study:

CLEAR saves 30% energy in
municipal wastewater treatment

A pilot project running at a Singaporean municipal wastewater reclamation plant has demonstrated that Aquaporin Inside® CLEAR membranes can reduce pressure requirements in reverse osmosis water treatment. Thereby, permeate quality standards are being met with significantly lower energy consumption and reduced carbon footprint.
Case study:

CLEAR reduces water recycling
energy consumption by 60% 

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Aquaporin Inside® CLEAR membranes, Aquaporin partnered with a leading Japanese water group to recycle their wastewater at an ultra-low-energy level.

Let’s make it CLEAR 
we are here to help

We are always interested in hearing about your project and discussing how we can help you integrate CLEAR membranes and Aquaporin Inside® technology into your applications. Reach out to our commercial team members directly via mail or LinkedIn – or book a meeting using the formula below.
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Have you got the CLEAR picture?

CLEAR is a series of brackish water RO membrane elements designed for industries, municipalities, and businesses with a strong consciousness and ambitious energy saving targets for their water treatment processes. Suitable applications include, but are not limited to:
  • Demineralized rinse water
  • Municipal drinking water
  • Make-up and process water
  • Compact commercial solutions

Meet the CLEAR series

Super-low-energy membrane, highest permeate flow rate in the market.
Ultra-low-energy membrane, maximizing energy saving for water reuse.
Low-energy membrane, fine balance between energy saving and permeate quality.
Low-energy membrane with fouling resistance, more durable and sustainable solution.
CLEAR Classic
BW membrane for challenging water conditions to meet stringent permeate quality requirements.

Why choose CLEAR?

The Aquaporin Inside® CLEAR products offer best-in-class flow rates, great rejection of contaminants, and reliable longterm performance which means they are ideal for the following scenarios:

  • Optimizing RO systems' energy consumption while meeting permeate quality requirements.
  • Improving permeate production output while maintaining the system's operation pressure.
  • Reducing operation time in a batch process (e.g. carwash, window wash, and humidifier applications).

Meanwhile, Aquaporin strives to ensure our customers' peace of mind, from procurement to after sales, by offering:

  • Dedicated sales and technical support team
  • Minimal product lead time
  • Guaranteed product quality and industry standard warranties
Peace of mind
Dedicated technical support and guaranteed quality on all products
OPEX saving
Lower energy consumption resulting in reduced electricity bill
Short lead time
Ready stocks to meet immediate demand
CO2 emission reduction
Higher energy efficiency and lower environmental impact
Best in class 
permeate flow rate
Highly efficient operation at low pressure
Great rejection 
of contaminants
Retrofit into existing systems and deliver high-quality permeate
Stable flux and energy consumption during longterm operation

What difference will CLEAR make for you?

Discover what difference the Aquaporin Inside® CLEAR membranes can make for your RO system with our innovative cloud-based projection tool by Cliir. By utilizing our projection tool, you gain a comprehensive understanding of how our CLEAR membranes can optimize your RO system, minimizing uncertainties and saving valuable time. Unlike other tools that require downloads and operate offline, our tool is available online, ensuring unparalleled accessibility. Its user-friendly interface ensures increased efficiency during usage and a reduced learning curve for a smoother experience. More importantly, we keep your information secure.

Have you got the CLEAR picture?

The CLEAR series features the world’s first and only biomimetic BWRO membranes, embedded with the Aquaporin Inside® technology.

The Aquaporin Inside® technology replicates nature’s way of filtering water by incorporating protein water channels which enable:
  • More efficient water transfer
  • More effective rejection of trace contaminants
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Want to know more?

If you are interested in knowing more about our CLEAR membranes and RO technology, please visit our CLEAR product page.
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