Aquaporin is a water technology pioneer, headquartered in Denmark with operations in Singapore, Turkey, the United States, and China. We are committed to rethinking water filtration with biotechnology to solve global water challenges. Our groundbreaking Aquaporin Inside® technology, inspired by nature and rooted in Nobel Prize-awarded research, is integrated into all our solutions and used to clean water in industries, in our homes, and by NASA in space. 

From treating industrial wastewater to concentrating valuables and enhancing drinking water quality and accessibility, we collaborate with partners worldwide to address water challenges responsibly.


We commit to our customers who determine our success
We focus on key applications to drive growth
We dare to look for new ways to break the status quo
We collaborate with our stakeholders to make a difference
We empower each other to act with passion and responsibility

Open innovation

Open innovation is the bedrock of Aquaporin’s journey, and today it stands as the fourth pillar alongside our core segments – Residential RO, Industrial RO, Concentration FO – as a business-critical practice that shapes our growth and competitiveness. 

Our R&D department thrives on open innovation principles, pushing boundaries of what is possible through knowledge sharing, collaboration, and co-development. The Aquaporin Inside® technology’s diverse expertise cannot be contained under one roof. Therefore, we have built a network of external experts to advance our technology and its applications. 

We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships, and it is important to us to share as much knowledge as we receive, for example through Aquaporin Academy, where we educate the next generation of researchers.

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