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The Aquaporin Inside® technology offers new cold concentration possibilities of natural extracts and high-value process streams. We call this NATURAL CONCENTRATION: A combination of our unique membranes and our processing technology ensures optimal quality and yield.
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Superior product quality

The Aquaporin Inside® technology stems from nature itself and is based upon the Nobel Prize-awarded research by Professor Peter Agre. By incorporating natural proteins, aquaporins, it opens an entirely new world in which you can improve your process with novel concentration technology and produce natural concentrates with the same taste and qualities as fresh, original products.

To discover what we can do for you and your processing – read on.

High quality & rejection

Enjoy high retention of your product even at high concentration factors. For complex solutions such as natural aromas and extracts, uniform retention helps to maintain the taste profile of your product.

This is ideal for small compounds that are sensitive or difficult to process without impacting quality or incurring losses. To read more about our membrane technology, please visit our Technology page.

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Energy-efficient dewatering

A superior solution for complex feed streams
Our FO technology is uniquely designed to handle tough and complex feed streams, achieve high concentrations, and enable efficient brine management. With our technology, you can overcome the limitations of existing concentration and purification technologies such as challenging operation, restricted concentration levels, reduced flux and flow rates, and membrane fouling.

Explore a range of applications including bioproducts, lithium extraction, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), and desalination brine management.

All made possible by our innovative membrane technology.

Empowering your project
with our FO offerings

A superior solution for complex feed streams
Benefit from our complete portfolio of FO solutions including modules, standard test systems (lab scale and pilot), design and engineering services, and in-depth application knowledge to bring your projects to life. Collaborate with our team of experts as we partner with end customers, OEMs, and system integrators to deliver cutting-edge water purification and concentration solutions.

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