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At Aquaporin, we believe in tomorrow, and that we as a company of individuals are the collective sum of greater things.

We are stars aligned towards a common goal, and by joining Aquaporin Academy, you join a community of open-minded students who have all seized the unique opportunity to become part of Aquaporin’s development.

Aquaporin Academy is home to curious, dedicated, and eager spirits searching to make a difference for mankind. The Academy invests in the future of ambitious students with diverse backgrounds and gives them an opportunity to pursue excellence while working for a cause.

150+ students
since 2005
15% employed by Aquaporin upon graduation

Educational journey

Over they years, we have worked with students from across the world. They have each expanded our horizons, and in return we have facilitated a social, developing and educational journey for them.

To become part of this educational journey, Aquaporin Academy accepts projects within a broad scientific area – here are some examples.

Technology & Engineering

  • Internship: “Pilot-scale operation of forward osmosis hollow fiber membranes for concentration of wastewater”
  • Bachelor’s Thesis: “Computational fluid dynamics simulations of forward osmosis membrane modules”
  • Special Project: “Portable drinking water from pesticide-polluted wastewater via a combined FO/RO process”

Biology & Chemistry

  • Internship: “Optimization of Aquaporin Inside® formulation"
  • Master’s Thesis: “Synthesis of Aquaporin Inside®-coated biomimetic hollow fiber membranes for forward osmosis applications”
  • Master’s Thesis: “Control of conformational changes in E. coli phosphate binding proteins”

Business & Marketing

  • Master’s Thesis: “Techno-economic feasibility analysis of FO/RO solution for dairy wastewater treatment”
  • Internship: “Concept development and market evaluation of a specific future Aquaporin product”
  • Master’s Thesis: “Producing holy water – commercializing radical biotechnology innovation, a biomimetic reverse osmosis perspective”
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How can I join Aquaporin Academy?

Aquaporin Academy organizes two rounds of projects annually. Announcements for projects are made on Aquaporin’s LinkedIn page, website, and at selected universities in March/April for the autumn semester, and in September/October for the spring semester. After applying for a project, our HR department will reach out to you.

The interview schedule will be mentioned in the project postings.

Please note that unsolicited applications are not considered.

What is the duration of Aquaporin Academy projects?

Projects in the spring semester run for 5 months, while those in the autumn semester run for 4 months.

Can an internship be converted into a thesis?

Yes, an internship can indeed be converted into a thesis. Please express your interest in this during the interview process.

Can I earn ECTS points for my project?

The possibility of receiving ECTS points depends on the nature of the project. Not all projects may be eligible for ECTS points.

Are Aquaporin Academy projects paid?

No, all Academy projects, including internships and theses, are unpaid.

Does Aquaporin offer accommodation?

No, we do not provide accommodation. We recommend that you contact your university coordinator to explore options for grants, such as Erasmus, before your interview.

Can I participate in Aquaporin Academy remotely?

While in-person presence is preferred, students may work remotely on selected days after consulting with their supervisors.

How many hours are Aquaporin Academy students expected to work per week?

The number of hours students are expected to work per week varies depending on the project type and the supervisor’s guidance.

Can students secure employment (part-time or full-time) upon completion of their project?

It is possible, but not guaranteed. Students may apply for official job openings after successfully completing their projects.

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Karolina Jastrembska, Ph.D.
Project Specialist, Open Innovation
& Academy Responsible

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