Created from biology
Optimized through chemistry and physics

Our nature-inspired Aquaporin Inside® technology is at the heart of all our products. Its uniqueness stems from three disciplines from the world of natural sciences: biology, chemistry, and physics. Whether you are interested in our membranes or purifiers, the result is the same: high-performing water purification by the only membranes featuring Aquaporin Inside®.
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The CLEAR series is designed for industries and businesses with a strong consciousness and ambitious energy saving and water reuse targets. Suitable applications include, but are not limited to:



  • Demineralized rinse water
  • Make-up and process water
  • Municipal drinking water
  • Compact commercial solutions
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Best-in-class permeate flow rate
Deliver consistent water quality at super low applied pressure
Reliable performance in long-term operation

Meet the 5 main CLEAR types

Super low-energy membrane, highest permeate flow rate in the market.
Ultra-low-energy membrane, maximizing energy saving for water reuse.
Low-energy membrane, fine balance between energy saving and permeate quality.
Low-energy membrane with fouling resistance, more durable and sustainable solution.
CLEAR Classic
BW membrane for challenging water conditions to meet stringent permeate quality requirements.

Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis

Get familiar with our drinking water membranes. Our solutions can be used in any RO-based purification system and Aquaporin Inside® tells a compelling story to consumers. Aquaporin's DWRO® membranes are adaptable to many different environments such as households and restaurants.

Revolutionary high water flow for efficient water treatment
High reduction of harmful pollutants ensures safe and healthy drinking water
Biomimetic product incorporating nature’s water channels
NSF International Product Certification

Hollow Fiber Forward Osmosis 

An innovative water filtration technology, 3.8 billion years in the making. Our Aquaporin Inside® Hollow Fiber Forward Osmosis biomimetic modules use natural aquaporins and osmotic pressure to improve water reuse and concentration processes with low back diffusion.

High rejection of difficult compounds
Low specific reverse salt flux
High recovery of water
Low footprint due to high packing density


Purifiers for the future and your family
A2O is a series of modern water purifiers created by Aquaporin utilizing our Aquaporin Inside® technology. We create water purifiers allowing you to avoid plastic bottled water and to make it more attractive to choose water over other beverages.

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