Aquaporin Inside®

Naturally efficient and highly selective, our Aquaporin Inside® water filter membranes and solutions are improving water treatment and re-use in a wide range of industries.

Aquaporin Inside® CLEAR membranes

High Capacity Low Energy Advanced Reverse Osmosis Element Series.

The Aquaporin Inside® CLEAR membrane series consists of biomimetic brackish water products that, with their unique properties, deliver high-quality permeate while keeping energy consumption low.
Commercial and Industrial
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Drinking water membranes

The Aquaporin Inside® Drinking Water Membranes are the only membrane in the industry to use aquaporins – nature’s own water filters – to filter drinking water. The result? Great tasting drinking water that’s healthy, refreshing, and filtered natural.
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Aquaporin Inside Hollow Fiber Forward Osmosis Modules

Hollow fiber forward osmosis modules

An innovative water filter technology, 3.8 billion years in the making. Our Aquaporin Inside® hollow fiber forward osmosis biomimetic membranes use natural aquaporins to improve water reuse and concentration processes, with low back diffusion and using only osmotic pressure.
Waste minimiation (ZLD)
(thermo-sensitive concentration)
Resource recovery
Water reuse
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ONE – water purification system

ONE is designed with an eye for simplicity and exclusivity. The slim and aesthetic machine fits under the sink and comes as an all-in-one solution with filter, membrane and faucet.

With only two cartridges and a replacement indicator on the machine, ONE is easy to install and use. The user friendliness continues, as ONE’s only maintenance requirement is cartridge replacement which can easily be done by oneself.
Compact size
1.75 l/min
High water recovery
Yes to tap water
No to plastic bottles
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Aquaporin Inside® in Action

Naturally pure or with a touch of yeast – how do you like your water? From brewing to microelectronics, our Aquaporin Inside® water filter membranes are improving water re-use in a wide range of industries. Here are some of the great things our customers are doing with aquaporin inside.
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