Aquaporin Inside®
CLEAR Plus 4040

Low-Energy Reverse Osmosis Elements
Best in-class permeate flow rate
Deliver great permeate
quality at low pressure
Reliable performance in long-term operation
The Product
The CLEAR Ultra reverse osmosis elements are ultra low-energy products in the CLEAR series, which maximize the energy savings in water production and reuse. The CLEAR Ultra products are suitable for drinking water production, light industrial applications, and compact commercial solutions.
The Series
The Aquaporin Inside® CLEAR series features the world’s first and only biomimetic brackish water reverse osmosis products on the market. The Aquaporin Inside® technology replicates nature’s way filtering water by incorporating the aquaporin water channels into membranes, which enables fast, energy-efficient, and natural water filtration.
Product Specifications
Product name
Aquaporin Inside®
CLEAR Plus 4040
Item no
Element type
Wet, fiberglass
Spacer thickness (mil)
Product performance
Permeate flowrate (GPD)
Stabilized salt rejection
Minimum rejection
Test conditions
Feed water
2000 ppm NaCI
125 psi (8.6 bar)
The stated product performances are at 25*C(77*F), 15% recovery, pH 7-8. Permeate flow rates and rejections are stated after a minimum of 60 min operation. Flow rates for individual elements may vary but will be no more than 15% below the value shown.
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