Aquaporin Inside®

Hollow Fiber Forward Osmosis Module
High rejection of difficult compounds
Low specific reverse salt flux
High recovery of water
Low footprint due to high packing density
The Product
The Aquaporin Inside® HFFO®14 module is designed for Forward Osmosis (FO) applications. Biomimetic hollow fiber module comprising of an active layer of polyamide thin film composite (TFC) with integrated aquaporin proteins.
The addition of aquaporin water channels into the rejection layer makes the Aquaporin Inside® FO membrane capable of rejecting difficult contaminants and preserving valuable components. The use of hollow fibers allows for a very high packing density.
Product Specifications
Product name
Fiber ID
Membrane area
Aquaporin Inside®
13.8 m2
148.5 ft2
Water flux
Specific reverse 
salt flux
11 + 1.5 LMH
0.15+ 0.05 g/L
The stated product performance is based on following testing conditions:
0.5 M NaCI (2.9%) draw vs DI water (FO mode), temperature: 25*C (77*F), single pass mode, counter-current flow rate: 200 LPH, transmembrane pressure (TMP) feed to draw: 0.2 bar (2.9 psi).
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