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Running water: Securing clean water for India's young athletes

Clean drinking water is essential for everyone – especially children and athletes. That’s why Aquaporin began a project with our Indian-based reseller Diamond Drops in 2022 to deliver clean drinking water at local sports schools, hostels and stadiums using the Aquaporin One purifier.

Diamond Drops has customized the purifier so young athletes can fill their water bottles before training. Diamond Drops is continuously adding new locations to the project and, so far, more than 300 systems have been installed across the Karnataka region.

It is a busy time for Harish H.P., CEO & Founder of Diamond Drops, as his company is installing new purifiers several times a week.

"I feel happy when I see children or athletes enjoying clean, purified water at various remote locations across our state. It encourages us to continue the work we are doing with the project," he says.

Jesper Cyrus, Commercial Manager at Aquaporin, oversees the project and has traveled to India to follow its progress himself.

“We are proud to be helping secure clean drinking water for the athletes and young people in Karnataka," says Jesper Cyrus. “It also helps us commercially on the Indian market, as Aquaporin purifiers are now installed at various sports hostels, stadiums, and schools across 31 districts in Karnataka alone."

Diamond Drops expects to install 200 more systems in Q1 2023.

For the future

In the picture above, you can see a girl from one of the Sports Residential Schools in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium. She is standing beside a Diamond Drops machine powered by the Aquaporin One purifier.

For a young athlete, access to clean water is paramount as it enables her to stay hydrated during practice, games, and in daily life. However, that isn’t always easy in India, where clean drinking water is in short supply. In fact, in 2019, a World Resources Institute (WRI) report ranked India as the 13th most water-stressed country globally.

Only the best

The Aquaporin One purifier is based on our innovative Aquaporin Inside® technology, which uses aquaporin proteins to filter water.

Aquaporin proteins are responsible for transporting and purifying water in all living cells. Billions of years of evolution have made them far better than any man-made water filter. They are extremely efficient. They are highly selective to water and reject all unwanted compounds. As a result, when tap water flows through the Aquaporin Inside® membrane, the natural aquaporin proteins act like a super-highway for water.

Our proprietary technology, Aquaporin Inside®, is based on Nobel Prize-winning research and removes pesticides, viruses, bacteria, and other unwanted compounds. We work with customers and partners around the globe to meet the increasing demand for more sustainable water purification, and to enhance drinking water quality and accessibility.

In India, Aquaporin technology is enabling young athletes to avoid contaminating their bodies by giving them access to healthy, great-tasting water.

About Aquaporin A/S

Aquaporin is an innovative water technology company dedicated to natural water treatment with operations in Denmark (HQ), Singapore, the United States, Turkey. Aquaporin works to preserve the Earth’s most valuable resource – water – by combining advanced bioengineering, open innovation, and natural aquaporins – nature's own water purifiers – which they embed into water purification membranes. Their proprietary technology, Aquaporin Inside®, is based on Nobel Prize-winning research and used to clean and reuse water in industries, in our homes, and even by NASA in space. Aquaporin works with customers and partners around the globe to sustainably treat industrial wastewater, concentrate food & beverage products, and enhance drinking water quality and accessibility.

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