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Innovation, quality, and market differentiation are common drivers for Philips Water Solutions and Aquaporin

The question of innovation is hot on the agenda for most water purifier distributors, and Philips Water Solutions is no exception.

Like Aquaporin A/S, Philips Water Solutions is committed to improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation. However, standing out in a market overflowing with competitors is tough, even for established and respected brands. To address this challenge AquaShield, the exclusive Philips brand partner for Water Solutions, prioritized finding and implementing a technology differentiator, focusing on the Chinese mainland market.

Aquaporin delivers on both innovation, quality and market differentiation with their technology. Gaining momentum in the Chinese market is a tough nut to crack, but with Aquaporin we see huge potential in their unique technology and how it is rooted in the way nature filter water,”


The Aquaporin Inside® Drinking Water Membranes (DWRO) are the only membranes in the world to use aquaporins – nature’s own water filters – to purify water. The result is high-quality and great-tasting water that is purified just as intended by nature. Ideal for residential drinking water, it was also an ideal way for AquaShield to take advantage of an innovative and unique technology to promote and co-brand a differentiated solution to the market.

A testimony to nature’s own solutions

Once the membranes had been tested by the R&D department at AquaShield, an order of drinking water membranes enough to cover 30,000 water purifiers was placed.

 After testing Aquaporin’s purification technology, centered around the Aquaporin Inside® membrane, we are excited about the prospects of the technology and see great potential in using this in our existing product portfolio. We believe this order can set us apart in a highly competitive Chinese purifier market, where the connection to nature is a vital for end users”

says Alex Rishoej

The order from AquaShield is a testimony to our technology and potential of Aquaporin Inside®. We care about our unique technology being rooted in nature, which has also been a key differentiator for AquaShield. And it ties into our mutual visions for innovation and sustainability.

says Kim Andersson, Commercial Director at Aquaporin A/S

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