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Aquaporin and EARTHY set to take advanced water purification to more people in India

Aquaporin is pleased to announce that it has signed a new distribution agreement with EARTHY (formerly known as Diamond Drops). EARTHY has a proven track record of successfully distributing Aquaporin's purifiers on the Indian market, and the agreement will strengthen the four-year long relationship between the two companies.

Over the past four years, EARTHY has distributed Aquaporin's Aquaporin One purifiers in Karnataka, bringing clean drinking water to thousands of people in the region. Now, under the new agreement, EARTHY has started selling Aquaporin's newest purifier, the A2O Pure, which launched at the beginning of 2023. Both companies are committed to delivering the best products and services to their customers, and the new distribution agreement will enable them to do so more effectively than before.

Harish H.P., CEO & Founder of EARTHY, is excited about the new distribution agreement.

“Our ongoing collaboration with Aquaporin has been a great part of the success of our business, and we look forward to continuing to build our partnership. We are confident that we can achieve great things together,” he comments.

Chief Executive Officer at Aquaporin, Matt Boczkowski, shares Harish H.P.’s enthusiasm and is pleased with the two brands' synergies.

"Combining our unique Aquaporin Inside® technology with EARTHY’s know-how offers us a unique angle to the Indian market. We have been happy to work with EARTHY these past four years and are looking forward to continuing our journey towards mutual success in India," he says.

Bringing solutions to one of the most water-stressed markets

India is facing a severe water crisis. In 2019, a World Resources Institute (WRI) report ranked India as the 13thmost water-stressed country globally.

Aquaporin has previously partnered with EARTHY to deliver clean drinking water to local sports schools, hostels, and stadiums in the Karnataka region, using the Aquaporin One purifier. So far, EARTHY has installed more than 300 Aquaporin One systems across the region. This is a significant contribution to providing people in the area with access to clean and safe drinking water – and EARTHY is continuously adding new locations to the project.

Creating the next wave

EARTHY is the latest company to join the Aquaporin family as a reseller. As part of the onboarding process, Aquaporin offers Premium Resellers ongoing support to ensure they benefit from a great experience and can provide the best possible service to their end users.

Aquaporin’s mission is to revolutionize the water purification market with natural technology, creating a wave of change in consumer patterns.

Do you want to join the Aquaporin water revolution? Learn more about becoming an Aquaporin reseller here.

About Aquaporin:

Aquaporin is an innovative water technology company with operations in Denmark (HQ), Singapore, Turkey, the United States, and China. We are committed to rethinking water filtration with biotechnology to solve global water challenges. By combining three disciplines from the world of natural sciences: biology, chemistry, and physics, we have created the unique, nature-inspired Aquaporin Inside® technology which we embed into all our membranes and solutions. Our technology is based on Nobel Prize-winning research and is used to clean and reuse water in industries, in our homes, and even by NASA in space. We work with customers and partners around the globe to responsibly treat industrial wastewater, concentrate food and beverage products in a natural way, and enhance drinking water quality and accessibility.

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