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Aquatech 2023: A2O Bar Debut & Water Innovation

Unveiling A2O Bar

“From my point of view, no one wants to miss out on the opportunity to experience the A2O Bar in action.”

Kim Andersson, Commercial Director

At Aquatech, Kim and our other commercial director Søren Robenhagen are looking forward to presenting and receiving feedback from the industry on the newest addition to our A2O portfolio, A2O Bar, which is being launched simultaneously with the event.

The luxurious A2O Bar is the world’s first 5-in-1 built-in water bar that offers purified ambient, cold, hot, and sparkling water – and ice cubes. Our product designer Mille Valentiner Branth, who is the mastermind behind the A2O Bar, will also be present at our Aquatech booth, and she invites all participants for a talk about A2O Bar’s exciting features, designed to elevate tap water and optimize the user experience. One example is the connected IoT app which gives consumers full control as it tracks usage, monitors filter lifetime, maintenance, and effectiveness, and delivers recommendations, reminders, and product information.

Space-proven water purification technology

If you’re extra curious about the technology behind the A2O Bar, our Head of Commercial Engineering, Jan Benecke, is your man. As with all our products, the A2O Bar is powered by our Aquaporin Inside® biotechnology – the same technology that is right now being used on the ongoing Huginn mission with Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen as Commander. On board the International Space Station, we filter sweat, condensation, and urine into clean drinking water. Jan can tell you more about this and our other success stories, and he is your go-to encyclopedia if you have any questions about the maturity and performance of our products.

Søren also boasts a series of success stories featuring our BWRO membranes, CLEAR, and how they save energy while delivering superior permeate quality at diverse global sites. In Singapore, for instance, PUB has achieved a notable 30% reduction in energy consumption in municipal drinking water treatment thanks to the CLEAR membranes. Feel free to reach out to Søren and his industrial team for a discussion on how our CLEAR membranes can enhance and optimize your wastewater and municipal drinking water treatment and reuse.

Connecting with the water industry

We’re not just at Aquatech to inspire – we’re also looking to be inspired ourselves. While Søren is excited to see what’s new in the water space in general, Jan is on a hunt to gain inspiration for product optimization and development. Together with Mille, he will be browsing the exhibition for new product launches and innovative trends.

At Aquatech, Mille will be on a mission to map water purifier trends, including features, functions, and design. To continue to design products that stand out from the competition, Mille will use her mapping as inspiration for her next purifier design.

Just like Mille and Jan, our Market Development Manager, Adarsh Raj, also has a particular focus area in mind. Besides experiencing how far the water industry has come since the last Aquatech in 2021, he will be there to learn more about the advancements in the dewatering and valuables recovery segment. Make sure to connect with Adarsh if you’re involved in water-intensive industrial F&B processing and want to explore our natural concentration technology’s potential for enhancing water savings, energy efficiency, valuables recovery, and product quality.

At Aquatech, our entire team is excited to connect with new potential customers and partners, but also to strengthen relationships with existing ones, learn about their needs, and discuss new opportunities and innovative solutions.

Meet us at Aquatech

You can find us at booth 05.112. If you'd like to schedule a private meeting with one of our experts during the event, you can do so in advance by using this form.

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