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Aquaporin at a glance

Around 71 % of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, yet less than 1 % of that is safe to drink – and it’s getting worse. At Aquaporin, we’re working to preserve the Earth’s most valuable resource – water – by combining state-of-the-art engineering, advanced biotechnology and natural aquaporins. Watch our movie to get a better insight into who we are and what we work for.

Our vision is clear

Water is essential to all life on Earth. But our water resources are limited, and they need to be cared for and responsibly used. Our goal is clean, natural drinking water for all, and the sustainable reuse of water in industrial applications. We’re using aquaporins – the super water purifiers found in every living cell – to make it happen. It’s a revolutionary idea based on billion-year-old natural technology, and we believe it will change the world.

Based on Nobel Prize-winning work

Aquaporins were discovered in 1992 by Peter Agre. His research transformed our understanding of the fundamental biology of cells, and he won a Nobel Prize for it in 2003. We’re now using aquaporins to purify water on a large scale – in industries, in our homes and even in space – faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The natural technology Aquaporin Inside®

The Aquaporin membrane technology is based on natural, sustainable water treatment. The unique selectivity and high permeability of the aquaporin membranes set unprecedented standards in water treatment while significantly reducing energy costs.
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Proud to work with

Aquaporin in the media

Introduction to our commercial journey

Focusing on opportunities and potential, our CEO Matt Boczkowski encapsulates the strategy to achieve our commercial vision.

The great innovation incubator

When stepping inside Aquaporin, you enter a modern industrial space where engineers, biologists, chemists, designers, artists, students and other creative thinkers work and inspire each other side by side. Offices, laboratories, membrane testing facilities, showroom, academy, start-up hub, production, storage and art gallery – our premises have it all, in a single 7.000 m2 space.

The art of quality control

Our products are used in homes and industries around the world. They need to perform perfectly every time and never compromise on quality. Therefore, our quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we maintain the same high standards throughout our work – from product development to production, implementation and service.
ISO 9001:2005 certified

Giving back to innovation


Aquaporin Garage

Aquaporin Garage is an incubator for small startups where smart ideas come to grow. Participating companies get two years of free office rental at our headquarters in Lyngby, access to our state-of-the-art laboratories and the chance to spark and share ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs.
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Aquaporin Academy

At Aquaporin Academy, students get the chance to complete their studies in an exciting and innovative workplace, working on business-related projects with other students and professionals. If you would like to work with world-leading water treatment technology, Aquaporin Academy may be for you.
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Primer - Art & science

Initiated by Diakron and Aquaporin, Primer is a platform for artistic and organizational development based at our headquarters in Denmark. The platform works to experimentally renew the relations between artistic, scientific, technological and business practices. By bringing together specialists from disparate disciplines of science, humanities, technology development and arts, Primer seeks to explore histories, imaginaries and operations of emergent technological systems.
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Joint Ventures

Exploring the universe with ASA

Reusing water has long been a challenge for space explorers, and the multi-filtration beds currently used are heavy and in need of frequent replacement. In 2013, we set up ASA (Aquaporin Space Alliance) with the Danish Aerospace Company to overcome this challenge. Our Aquaporin Inside® technology is currently being tested on the International Space Station with very promising results.
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Sustainability at Aquaporin

We’re here to make a difference. Our goal is clean, natural drinking water for all – a basic human right – and the sustainable reuse of water in industrial applications. We strive for technological and societal development; but we know it must be achieved sustainably.
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