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Clean water is a human right

Universal access to clean drinking water is one of the world's biggest challenges.

In many areas, including Europe and the United States, water resources are at risk and public trust in drinking water is under pressure, leading consumers to seek alternative solutions.

A household water treatment system can be used to fulfill that demand, providing consumers with healthy clean water they can trust, right from their own tap.

Increasing global demand for purified water

Understand the global trends that affect consumer demand for purified drinking water.

The increased global demand for purified drinking water opens new business opportunities. Access to clean drinking water is one of the world's biggest challenges. Water scarcity is widespread, trust in public drinking water is under pressure and plastic bottles are an unsustainable option.

All this increases demand for household drinking water treatment that can provide consumers with clean and safe water they can trust – straight from their own tap.
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Five reasons why you should purify your water

There are many good reasons for wanting to purify your drinking water. Clean water is essential for every human being and by using a water purification system, you can ensure that the water in your home is always safe, sustainable and free from unpleasant taste and odor.
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Contaminants that can be found in drinking water

No one wants to drink water that is contaminated. And yet, keeping drinking water clear of contamination can be difficult. In most cases, the presence of tiny amounts of foreign substances do not pose a health risk, but you should still pay attention to the content of your local drinking water.
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Drinking water purification gives consumers full control

A home water purification system can remove a wide range of impurities and restore consumer confidence in the drinking water.

Many consumers are reluctant to drink water directly from the tap because they do not trust it to be clean.

A home water purification system can remove a wide range of impurities, including bacteria, viruses, odors, chlorine and heavy metals. There are a number of solutions available that produce clean, sustainable drinking water directly from the tap.
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Drinking water

Global leader in home appliances to sell Aquaporin water purifier

Come fall, Turks will be able to drink clean, great-tasting water directly from their tap, as the ZERO water purifier powered by Aquaporin Inside® will be available in stores across Turkey. ZERO gives sustainable access to purified drinking water Clean drinking water is essential for a healthy human life, yet close to 2 billion people […]
Drinking water

4 essential drivers in a good partnership

What constitutes a good partner relation? What are the critical drivers? We have asked our resellers around the world for their opinion on the matter. Four things stand out in their answers, and we have summed them up here in a brief guide to a good partnership. 1: TRUST Whether you ask Aquaporin’s partner in […]
Drinking water

Top 3 drinking water trends

In the parts of the world that are fortunate enough to have access to clean drinking water, certain trends are blooming. We have partnered up with water sommelier Milin Patel to give you the lowdown on the three most dominating drinking water trends. 1: QUALITY Quality is trending. Anywhere, anytime. Also in tap water consumption […]
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Get Exceptional drinking water straight from the tap with ZERO powered by aquaporin inside®

With ZERO, we wanted to achieve the impossible: A compact, beautiful water purifier capable of filtering tap water without needing electricity, pumps, motors, control units or external water storage tanks.

ZERO is the highest performing, most compact reverse osmosis system to go under the sink. Smaller than a briefcase, ZERO delivers drinking water at 3 liters per minute from the moment the tap is turned on. If you need more than is held in its tank, leave the tap on and ZERO will go on producing, never needing to stop.
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Get safe and tasty drinking water directly from you faucet with ONE powered by aquaporin inside®

ONE is designed with an eye for simplicity and exclusivity. The slim and aesthetic machine fits under the sink and comes as an all-in-one solution with filter, membrane and faucet.

With only two cartridges and a replacement indicator on the machine, ONE is easy to install and use. The user friendliness continues, as ONE’s only maintenance requirement is cartridge replacement which can easily be done by oneself.
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Join the journey: Become an Aquaporin Premium Reseller

Differentiate yourself on the household water purifier market by becoming one of a selected few Aquaporin Premium Resellers.

With our unique technology Aquaporin Inside® embedded in our household water purifiers, you have the possibility to add a unique product to your portfolio. We partner up with Premium Resellers around the globe to bring our products to market. We value our partnerships and offer our Premium Resellers an exclusive opportunity to resell our Aquaporin Inside® products.
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