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Aquaporin launches water purifier in a league of its own

To cater for the growing demand of sustainable household water purifiers, Aquaporin’s new solution, ONE, is now ready to seize the day. ONE is an under the sink water purifier that is characterized by an exceptionally high performance that removes all unwanted compounds.

Worldwide, there is an increasing awareness of the quality of and accessibility to clean drinking water. Only 2 in 3 have access to safe drinking water. Aquaporin’s new home water purifier makes it possible to access safe drinking water anywhere in the world. ONE powered by Aquaporin Inside® removes pesticides, viruses, bacteria and lime, allowing only safe, great tasting drinking water to run out of the faucet.

Aquaporin Inside® technology based on Nobel Prize-winning discovery

The essential building block in the Aquaporin Inside® technology is the aquaporin protein which is responsible for transporting and purifying water in all living cells. These proteins are so important to life on earth that the Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to Professor Peter Agre in 2003 for his discovery of the aquaporin water channel. Today, Aquaporin’s technology is also used by NASA to reuse water in space.

Less waste and a constantly high water flow – also in low pressure conditions

Due to its unusually high capacity, ONE delivers a constant flow of 1.75 liters of purified water per minute – even in low pressure conditions. This corresponds to filling up a glass of water in less than 7 seconds.

It takes water to clean water, but with a recovery rate at 65 %, ONE wastes noticeably less water than an average purifier. Only 35 % of the water that enters ONE is wasted, while average purifiers waste 50 to 75 %. The superior recovery rate and high-flow nature is made possible by an efficient machine design and Aquaporin’s patented technology Aquaporin Inside®.

An under the sink purifier focused on the user experience

ONE is designed with an eye for simplicity and exclusivity. The slim and aesthetic machine fits under the sink and comes as an all-in-one solution with filter, membrane and faucet. With only two cartridges and a replacement indicator on the machine, ONE is easy to install and use. The user friendliness continues, as ONE’s only maintenance requirement is cartridge replacement which can easily be done by oneself.

ONE is available in

Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary

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North America


Read more about ONE here:aquaporin.com/products/one

Read more about Aquaporin here:aquaporin.com

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