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Aquaporin announces Matt Boczkowski as CEO and Peter Holme Jensen as CIO

The Danish water technology company Aquaporin is announcing their CCO and Deputy CEO Matt Boczkowski as new CEO. Matt Boczkowski will replace Peter Holme Jensen, who has been the CEO since the inception in 2005, and will continue onboard as Chief Innovation Officer with responsibility of the company’s Deep Tech and Open Innovation departments.

Chairman of the Board Niels Heering welcomes the commercial breakthrough while thanking Peter Holme Jensen for taking Aquaporin on a journey:

“Peter has built something we see far too seldom today; the amount of patience and focus required over the years to develop Aquaporin from a research company to a commercial company should not be underestimated. Peter has had a clear vision from the beginning, and I am confident Matt is the ideal new CEO to continue making this vision a reality and take Aquaporin to the next level. I am excited that Peter will continue as future Chief Innovation Officer and continue to add value to the business and culture of Aquaporin," says Niels Heering.

Entering a commercial stage

As of 1 January 2022, founder Peter Holme Jensen will step into his new role as CIO. About the transition, he says:

“When I founded Aquaporin in 2005, I could only dream of what Aquaporin would be today – I’m extremely grateful for the journey we are on. The next stage of Aquaporin’s journey requires a different skillset for a CEO, and I’m very happy to pass on the baton to Matt Boczkowski. I look forward to getting ‘back’ closer to the innovation side of Aquaporin and continue to add value through exciting new technology and partnership developments.”

Matt Boczkowski is excited about his future role and Aquaporin’s next stage:

“I’m honored to accept the position of CEO and excited to lead the company into the next stage of growth. Aquaporin is entering a commercialization stage where our unique technology is incorporated into traditional water treatment membranes and processes to solve customer challenges. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to position the company for growth and build a successful WaterTech business in Denmark. It has been wonderful working with Peter over the past seven months and I’m delighted that he will be appointed as our future Chief Innovation Officer. This will be a key role for Aquaporin enabling us to stay at the forefront of water technology,” says Matt Boczkowski.

In addition to Matt Boczkowski and Peter Holme Jensen, Aquaporin’s Executive Management team includes Bo Karmark, CFO, and Joerg Hess, COO.

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