Aquaporin Academy offers students a unique opportunity to become part of Aquaporin’s development. The industrial setting and real study cases, combined with the innovative mind-set and knowledge that the students bring, is what continues to make Aquaporin Academy a success for all parties involved.

We are looking for ambitious and proactive students, who would like to learn about the Aquaporin technology, membrane development, water treatment and large-scale membrane manufacturing.

For further information or to apply for Aquaporin Academy, please go to careers.

Aquaporin Academy Students

Current and previous Aquaporin Academy students and projects:


Joachim Finn, DTU, Master’s Thesis: “Enhancing the loading of Aquaporin Z reconstituting polymeric nanostructures into active later of the biomimetic membranes”

Mathilde Flemming Bindsell, SDU, Internship: “Ethanol rejection using aquaporin-based forward osmosis hollow fiber membranes HFFO”

Johan le Nepvou, DTU, Internship: “Pilot-scale evaluation of Aquaporin forward osmosis membranes for removal of trace organic compounds from municipal wastewater effluents”

Emilie Nyborg Nielsen, KU Food, Master’s Thesis: “Potential of forward osmosis in revalorization of cheese salt brine”

Mohamed Yusuf and Gabriel Khensir, DTU, Bachelor’s Thesis: “Development of high flux forward osmosis hollow fiber membranes”

Afnan Barooni, DTU, Master’s Thesis: “Electrochemical separation of draw solutions and harvesting H2 gas from cheese brines”

Søren D. Hjul, DTU, Bachelor’s Thesis: “Opportunities of hollow fiber forward osmosis membranes for water recycling in hemodialysis”

Pernille Lund Jørgensen, DTU, Internship: “Reuse of water in dialysis in collaborations with Rigshospitalet”

Justas Staciokas, DTU, Special Project: “Enhancing the loading of Aquaporin Z reconstituting polymeric nanostructures into active later of the biomimetic membranes”

Pierluca Oliveiri, Polytechnic University of Turin, Master Thesis: “Theoretical and practical performance correlation for Forward Osmosis Hollow Fiber membranes”

Jan Frauholz, RWTH Aachen, Master’s Thesis: “A thermally responsive forward osmosis draw solute for water re-use in the food industry”

Miriam Fernandez-Avila Cobo & Emilie Elisa Caroline Ribaucourt, DTU, Special Project: “Hollow fiber membrane manufacturing and application for forward osmosis processes”

Frederick Haugsted, KU, Master’s Thesis: ”Design and testing of new formulations based on diblock and amino fed polypropylene oxide polymers”

Thomas Skamris Jensen, SDU, Master’s Thesis: Skid configuration upscaling in Forward Osmosis using Aspen Plus & MATLAB”

Gabriel Khensir, DTU, Internship BA: “Interfacial polymerization of Aquaporin Inside Hollow Fiber Forward Osmosis membranes”

Agnieszka Zelazny, Cracow University of Technology, Internship Graduate: “Feed quality limitations of the HFFO2 module”

Louis Goldsmith, SDU, Internship BA: “Concept development and market evaluation of a specific future Aquaporin product”

Konstantin Lorenz, RWTH Aachen, Internship/Master’s Thesis: “Hybrid FO + draw recovery for whey dewatering”


Shazad Hussain, DTU, Master’s Thesis: Rejection of inorganic and organic pollutants by HFFO2”

Aske Tandrup Nyengaard, DTU, Master’s Thesis: “CFD analysis of hollow fiber module design for forward osmosis application”

Libor Zverina, DTU, Master’s Thesis: Surface Modification of Polysulfone Hollow-Fibre Membranes”

Thomas Skamris Jensen, SDU, Internship: General + HFFO2 skid upscaling”

Frederick Haugsted, KU, Master’s Thesis: Design and testing of new formulations based on diblock and amino modified polypropylene oxide polymers”

Konstantin Lorenz, RWTH Aachen, Internship/Master’s Thesis: Hybrid FO + draw recovery for whey dewatering”

Emilie Nyborg Nielsen, KU, Special Project: Identification of whey proteins in Forward Osmosis concentrate”

Agnieszka Maria Niedzielska, DTU, Internship/Special Project: Desalination processes”

Jiangui Li, DTU, Internship/Special Project: Pre-treatment and cleaning strategies for an osmotic anaerobic membrane bioreactor (FO-AnMBR”

Shwetha Meena Sakthi Nallasivam, DTU, Special Project: “Potential draw solutions for forward osmosis in pharma applications”

Deepa Durga Sundaran, DTU, Special Project: Replacing Calcein as forward marker in FO tests”

Rohit Nagargoje, DTU, Master’s Thesis: “Techno-Economic Feasibility Analysis of FO/RO solution for Dairy Wastewater Treatment”

Muhammed Najei Matrod, DTU, Bachelor’s Thesis: “Post-treatment of Aquaporin InsideTM Hollow fiber membrane modules for Forward Osmosis applications”

Andreas Quist and Simon Emil Christensen, DTU, Bachelor’s Thesis: “Optimization of process conditions for Hollow fiber modules for Forward Osmosis applications “

Laura Camila Vargas, DTU, Master’s Thesis: ““Optimizing flow conditions during up-concentration of fermentation broths using a semi-automatic FO lab-scale setup”

Weam Bashir, DTU, Master’s Thesis: “Forward Osmosis draw recovery system suitable for food applications”

Aske Tandrup Nyengaard, DTU, Special Project: “CFD Analysis of a hollow fiber module design for forward osmosis applications

Malthe Muff and Anders Lund Rasmussen, AAU, Bachelor’s Thesis: “Transitioning from R&D to a reconfigurable manufacturing system”

Niada Bajraktari, PhD: “Applications for Forward Osmosis Membranes – From High Value Process Streams to Municipal Wastewater Treatment”

Helene Munk Olsen, Internship: “Investigation of optimal storage condition for the aquaporin protein by testing the functionality of the Aquaporin Inside™ technology”


Radoslaw Gorecki, Master’s Thesis: “Removal and treatment of m-phenylenediamine from the production of Aquaporin InsideTM biomimetic membranes”

Federico Volpin & Michael Holm Møller, Master’s Thesis: “Fertilizer driven forward osmosis as a low energy technology for sodium removal in greenhouse applications”

Mathias Gruber, PhD: “Environmental Phosphorus Recovery Based on Molecular Bioscavengers – from Quantum Mechanics to Continuum Physics”

Andreas Quist, DTU, Internship BA: “Aquaporin Inside Coating”

Laura Camila Vargas, DTU, Special Project: “Optimizing flow conditions during up-concentration of fermentation broths using a semi-automatic FO lab-scale setup”

Scott Myers, Master’s Thesis: “Control of conformational changes in E.coli phosphate binding proteins”


Joachim Habel, Industrial PhD: “Biomimetic polymeric membranes for water treatment”

Nicolai Domingo Nielsen & Lauge Kongstad, Bachelor’s Thesis: “Development of a submerged membrane forward osmosis module”

Michael Holm Møller & Federico Volpin & Ivan Monaco, Special Project: “Potable drinking water from pesticide polluted wastewater via a combined FO/RO process”


Julie Bomholt, KU, Industrial PhD: “Human Aquaporins – From in vivo detection to industrial scale production”

Mads Friis Andersen, DTU, Master’s Thesis: “Synthesis of Aquaporin Inside™ coated biomimetic hollow fiber membranes for forward osmosis applications”

Sigurd Truelsen, Master’s Thesis: “Experimental and Computational Studies of a Phosphate Binding Hexa-Peptide”

Ulf Aslak, Bachelor’s Thesis: “Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations of Forward Osmosis Membrane Modules”


Kamila Pszon-Bartosz, DTU, PhD: ”Microfluidic devices for investigation of biomimetic membranes for sensor and separation applications”

Sania Ibragimova, DTU, PhD: “Supporting and stabilizing biomimetic membranes”

Christian Rein, KU, Industrial PhD: “Stabilization and Characterization of 2D and 3D Biomimetic Membranes”


Jörg Vogel, DTU, Industrial PhD: ”Design, fabrication and testing of support structures for biomimetic water filters”

Jesper Søndergaard Hansen, DTU, Industrial PhD: Development of supported biomimetic membranes for insertion of aquaporin protein water channels for novel water filtration applications”


Jörg Vogel, DTU/Chemnitz University of Technology, Master’s Thesis: “Development of a thin, perforated and hydrophobic membrane to incorporate Aquaporins”


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